Studies in Ecstatic Kabbalah by Moshe Idel Zohar by Anonymous Kabbalah by Moshe Idel Meditation and Kabbalah by Aryeh Kaplan Hasidism by Moshe Idel. Aryeh Moshe Eliyahu Kaplan was an American Orthodox rabbi and author known for his . (Kaplan himself utilized the meditative form of Kabbalah on a daily basis.) From onward, Kaplan’s major activity was the translation into English of. MEDITATION AND THE BIBLE BY ARYEH KAPLAN SAMUEL WEISER, INC. York Beach, Maine First published in by Samuel Weiser, Inc.

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Let the mind travel back to a moment ago, and an hour ago, a day ago, a year ago, continuing until you reach a level where you are trying to imagine an infinity ago.

He died in at the young age of 48 years.

Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan – Creating 20th Century Jewish Meditation

Maybe Aryeh Kaplan gets into that in one of his other books. Where do you want to start?

It is sad that this was lost somewhere along the way and I hope that it is soon widely rediscovered. I think that the author is absolutely right. The second part goes through and describes different types of medication mantra, contemplation, visualizationexplains how to do them, and gives Jewish variations. For non-Jews listening, would you say Kabbalah is the way of referring to Jewish mysticism in general?

I think the chapters about mantra-like Jewish meditiation missed out on that nigunim aryyeh the hassidim do. But I am glad I got round to reading this book, 10 or so years after attempting it the first time. Collected essays on Jewish themes from the noted writer and thinker.

Aryeh Kaplan

Kaplan did not grow up religious and was known as “Len”. Or in a room by yourself under your covers at night, or sitting perhaps in the house of study, looking at a book so nobody will disturb you. We must pray at the proper times. It is very hard to control your mind. The enlightenment or Haskalla encouraged intellectual pursuits and frowned on anything mystical. Jewish Meditation is kind of a book for the average Jew who might not speak Hebrew and never knew that there was such a thing as Jewish meditations other than the Sh’ma or Amidah.


There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Views Read Edit View history. Actually it is not. Memory is also something you can control the author while in Jewish seminary challenged himself memorize several pages of Talmud. Listening is probably the most important element in Judaism. One can turn this unstructured meditation into a structured meditation by adding an agenda of what they would like to discuss.

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On the whole, except for this last part, I found this book to be informative and enjoyable to read. The discussion of the major prayers in Judaism and how to utilize them for meditating and spiritual experiences was particularly useful and emphasizes the importance of daily prayer in Judaism as part of meditation.

I had no idea such a thing existed. Contemplation is when you gaze on an object or a word. Praise is when we extol the attribute of Hashem or any other Deity we chose to pray to. It also can serve as a simple and helpful aid to begin your own meditation. The final section talks about other parts of Jewish life performing the commandments, relationships with others, ethical behavior and how those can be thought of as meditative acts. The last term I wish to discuss is Hitbodetude. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Kaplan wrote three well-known books on Jewish meditation.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. In the early days of the Israelite nation meditation was practiced quite regularly. Aug 18, Benjamin rated it liked it Shelves: I love this book.

CONVERSATIONS IN THE SPIRIT: part 8, Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan – New York Spirit

This was my favorite part, especially the section on the Amidah, which has helped my prayer experience become more meaningful. This book is detailed and very intriguing. How should I meditate? Kaplan’s later meditatiion further explored HasidutKabbalah and Jewish meditation.

He marvels at how so many Jews look outside their Judaism for spiritual enlightenment, while it is all available within their own spiritual tradition.

This is a rare instance in which a prophet spoke about the method of experiencing [meditation] and then described the form of the experience. They all use; Mantras, Contemplations, and Visualizations. He did not create a meditative school.

Because their vision interferes with their tactile sensations. Jul 29, Jeff W rated it it was amazing. He then went on to earn a B. Lists with This Book. The creator is completely desire and filled with knowledge and power.

Yet, there is a place in which the Holy One, blessed be He, shows the created glory to the prophet according to the need of the hour. View all 5 comments. He was a great-grandson of the Baal Shem Tov, who was the founder of the Hasidic movement. Meditation is cultivating a single thought reminiscent of the subject of meditation by repeating it over and over again. Mar 29, Jim George rated it really liked it Shelves: