Bas Jan Ader’s art career lasted only five years. From to he played out his notions of the weight of gravity in short films that showed. In , artist Bas Jan Ader attempted to sail across the Atlantic. .. Bas Jan Ader : Death is Elsewhere (University of Chicago Press, ). Bas Jan Ader has 25 ratings and 1 review. Tosh said: I think partly due to the deaths of David Bowie and Tony Conrad, I felt great sorrow.

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Bas Jan Ader

Dumbadze interprets Ader’s unclassifiable, uncanny, prescient art and his all too brief life with an empathy, intelligence and objectivity that make this book rewarding to read, lingering long afterward.

Is the film the work? He was never seen again.

Ader was lost at sea in while sailing the Atlantic as part of a planned multifaceted work-in-three-parts entitled In Search of the Miraculous —. So, that alone is quite moving – yet, we know he died a very young man, and therefore we’re just capturing a moment of time of this artist. Bass took on this speculative vocation with seriousness and rigor, carefully researching his investments and recording his trades and plans in a notebook.

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Tom Buchanan rated it liked it Feb 22, elsewwhere Was art at its purest and most elevated form when it existed outside of any mediation and institutional framing? His trading activity also involved regular visits to an office on Wilshire Boulevard, where he would place orders with brokers over the telephone.


Bas Jan Ader: Death Is Elsewhere

The twenty-four-second film Fall 1, Los Angelesfor example, shows Ader seated on a bsa tumbling off the roof of a house, whereas the even shorter Fall 2, Amsterdam portrays the artist atop a bicycle veering into a Dutch canal. There is something very European about his work.

Can an object or activity meaningfully obtain the status of art without any institutional or representational apparatus that defines it as such? He only told a couple of friends about it, in passing, claiming it to be a work. Whereas the existing literature on the artist ignores this activity, Dumbadze supplies ample evidence that Ader considered it part of his art practice, even as he made no plans to disseminate or present the work as such. Baw think he was working on something much longer or long-term, but alas, nature took him perhaps by surprise.

What I find interesting deaty his work, is that it does remind me of Keaton, who I think is the great American artist of the 20th century.

Mika Rottenberg at Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art, London

Books by Alexander Dumbadze. Libby Shockman marked it as to-read Jan 03, Marcia rated it it was amazing Jan 10, Place or location is always interesting or important.

A lot of work deals with space and falling – meaning that gravity itself pulls you down. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. In other words, commodities trading was a kind of art that simply existed in everyday life; it was not re-presented in an indirect, mediated form. Jasmin rated it it was amazing Aug 22, The people who lent Duchamp money did so knowing that a signed slip of paper was worth more than the amount they were giving the father of Conceptualism to gamble with.


Madeline W marked it as to-read Jul 29, You may purchase this title at these fine bookstores.

Bas Jan Ader: Death Is Elsewhere, Dumbadze

This is one of the most elsewhree pieces of art writing that I have yet encountered. Art historian Dumbadze paints a fascinating portrait of the young artist; his childhood during World War II in Amsterdam, his youthful days at Otis Art Institute, his quest for truth through philosophy, his love of Marcel Duchamp, and his participation in the Los Angeles art scene. Goodreads helps you keep deatth of books you want to read.

The damaged boat was found south of the western tip of Ireland nearly a year later. Reviews and essays are licensed to the public under a under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4. For more information, or to order this book, please visit https: