Guinea-pig, cat and frog methods for the assay of digitalis are optional in the recent British Pharmacopaeia (1). In the United States the one-hour frog method is. The bioassay of digitalis is reviewed, and a rational approach to the evaluation of digitalis based upon individual clinical patient data is recommended as the. Studies on the bioassay of digitalis: Frog methods. Author links open overlay panelJames orf. Show more. Get.

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Experiences with the bioassay of digitalis on guinea pigs.

Therapeutic dose Fatal dose Fatal period 0. A guinea pig is anaesthetized with a suitable anaesthetic. Toxicology book of mansoura univerisity pharmacology book of mansoura univerisity Health guide website Medscape website Referances. She was discharged from the hospital just 4 days ago. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

Calculation of Dose In Digoxin. Potency of the test sample is compared with that of the standard preparation by determining the action on the cardiac muscle. A pin is dititalis in the heart, such that it gets inserted in the apex of the heart. One day prior to discharge, digoxin level was 1. The most important are: Investigations ECG is done to check for irregular heart beats.

Guinea—pig Method End point method: Foxgloves or purpurea Growing in England cultivated in India Rootsleavesseeds contains several poisonous glycosides.

Clear S1 and S2, irregularly irregular rhythm, HR bpm. Digoxin was started during that previous hospitalization for control of tachycardia in atrial fibrillation. Bioassay of digitalis Principle: In order to view it, please contact the author of the presentation. Digoxin, digitoxin and ouabain. Risk factors Decreased tolerance to the drug Hypokalemiahypernatremiahypomagnesemia Medications that interact with digitalis such as quinidine, verapamil, amiodarone, and others.


Automaticity large dose, increase ability to develop ectopic foci. The milk from the crop sac of pigeons is being ejected out. Side effects of digifab Exacerbation of low cardiac output states and congestive heart failure due to withdrawal of inotropic effect of digitalis.

CNS pf Malaise confusion muscle weakness delirium drowsiness parasthesia hallucination. Heart rate was controlled by increasing metoprolol dose. Another set of 19 animals of the same species are used for this experiment and the average lethal dose is determined. Rare biiassay reactions in Patients with a history of allergy, especially to antibiotics, appear to be at particular risk Calculation of Dose: Rare allergic reactions in Patients with a history of allergy, especially to antibiotics, appear to be at particular risk.

It should be stored in between 5 oC and —5 oC. Past medical history PMH Hypertension, atrial fibrillation, coronary artery disease, stroke, congestive heart failure. Reduced kidney function will cause digitalis to build up in the body rather than be removed normally through urine.

The lethal dose per kg. The amount of extract digitaois to produce this effect is taken as the lethal dose of the extract.

Heart failure not respond to diuretics Absolute Indications Chronic congestive heart failure associated with atrial fibrillation Atrial fibrillation Atrial flutter Paroxysmal atrial tachycardia Relative Indications. Dilutions are made with normal saline. It is not necessary to determine the lethal dose of the std.


It is dissected on the bioaseay table. The injection is continued through venous cannula untill the heart is arrested in systole.

Minimum 6 pigeons bioassqy used for testing each sample.

Effect on veins and venous pressure: Newer Post Older Post Home. All symptoms resolved sigitalis digoxin level decreased to therapeutic range.

In this way, we can observe the heart beats by up and down movements of the pin. Final diagnosis Digoxin toxicity.

PHARMACOLOGY: Bioassay of digitalis

pf Food is withheld hours before the experiment. Standard and test sample extracts are diluted with normal saline in such a way that 1 g of digitalis powder is diluted to 80 ml. The lethal dose of the test sample is determined in a similar way using minimum 6 guinea—pigs of the same strain. She was discharged back to the nursing home in good condition. Mechanism of Action of digifab -DigiFab has an affinity for digoxin in the range of to M-1, which is greater than affinity of digoxin for its sodium pump receptor, the presumed receptor for its therapeutic and toxic effects.

The weight of the heaviest pigeon should not exceed twice the weight of the lightest pigeon. The initial digoxin level was elevated at nearly twice the upper therapeutic level. Exact bioassayy of the powder is extracted with dehydrated alcohol in a continuous extraction apparatus for six hours.