Change of Heart has ratings and 68 reviews. Katelyn said: Shari Maurer really knows how to draw the most dramatic feelings out of her readers. I was. Apr 1, The Hardcover of the Change of Heart by Shari Maurer at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. Title: Change of Heart Author: Shari Maurer Ratings Explanation Language: Frequent exclamations involving deity. Many instances of most swear words.

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Even after her transplant, when her friends and boyfriend don’t often come, Emmi is able to understand their side of it- no matter how much it hurts her.

Change of Heart

One thing is for sure, when I go to have my license renewed in August, I will be off up to be an organ donor. For more information you can visit www. Feb 13, Lauren rated it really liked it. Change of Heart focuses quite a bit on romance.

I can connect this book to society today because so many people are writing about something tragic happening that ends up turning out well. My conservative nature must admit that the language and sexual content in this book were shri distracting from the message and emotion I was feeling.

He offers something to Emmi no one else can and is a highly likable, swoon worthy character.

The story explores many themes: Emmi is a well balanced character at the start, having some teenage moments bu A refreshing and new premise for YA but a tragically chahge situation for some, Change of Heart throws into question the value of life as a teenager.


One of the only things I didn’t really enjoy i This was a very touching book that really broached a tricky subject and handled it with grace. It was just really sad, and I wish that her and Emmi could have ended up together. Through Abe, Emmi learns how to cope with her heart transplant.

I think that the book was okay and then a little more than half way it gets so much better. It really makes you realize how horrible situations can bring you closer to other people. Emmi mentions her small boobs a couple times.

The best part of the story is that while You’re fixated on knowing one person you get to learn a group of people going through the same thing. Someone is called a pervert. Apr 11, Liza Reid rated it liked it.

If Majrer hadn’t read any of her books before reading this, I would have thought it was really good and creative.

Throw in a need for a heart transplant for some drama. He is supportive and he seems to really want to be there for her when the easiest course of action would be to just leave.

Ellie ends up with heart disease and the coming year follows her wait for a heart transplant, her developing relationship with Sam, her baseball playing boyfriend, and her developing friendship and love for Abe, another transplant patient.

Shari Maurer does a perfect job of showing the reader the many stages that one who becomes ill goes through. Change of Heart is a very sad and emotional book.


Wh At 16 all you have to worry is about decent grades, a good haircut, make up, boys… right? It might be too much for younger teens seriousness of subject, some adult languagebut older teens and adults might enjoy it better.

Abe is a great addition. When Ellie develops a horrible virus, cold and fever before the big game, she pushes through, determined to play – especially since college scouts are watching.

Change of Heart by Shari Maurer

He came down with a virus and was not able to come out of the hospital ever again. You never know when your whole life can change. Shortly after her sixteenth birthday, popular varisty soccer star Emmi comes down with an ordinary virus.

Maurer followed an exceptional story line through the whole novel even if it ended in a way some people would not like.

Book Review: Change of Heart by Shari Maurer | Blogcritics

Now as much as I enjoyed Maurer’s writing, her ending did not sit well with me. I think is a great book, it definitely teaches you something.

I was not happy, but that’s the way it goes sometimes I guess. Emmi has hurdles and heartache to overcome, and has to maintain both her physical and emotional strength to do so.