OBJECTIVE. The objective of our study was to identify the early MRI findings characteristic of idiopathic chondrolysis of the hip in children. CONCLUSION. Citation: Startzman AS, Hawkes T, Beterand S () Juvenile Idiopathic Chondrolysis of the Hip. J Trauma Treat doi: / . PDF | Idiopathic chondrolysis of the hip is a rare disorder characterized by pain, stiffness, limp and radiological loss of joint space of the affected.

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Idiopathic Chondrolysis of the Hip ( ICH): Report of three Cases

Following diagnosis, there is ultimately a poor prognosis. Joint effusion and synovial thickening are also seen. Patient compliance with range of motion and therapy is challenging due to pain with activity [ 2 ].

Associations with trauma, burns, infectionand prolonged immobilization have also been described.

Juvenile Idiopathic Chondrolysis of the Hip | OMICS International

Long-term pain however, is typically the case. Bilateral idiopathic chondrolysis of hip — A case report. Visualised left hip shows no abnormal enhancement. Chondrolysia evaluated 14 patients of ICH in varying stages: Idiopathic chondrolysis of the hip. Concentric narrowing less than 3 mm of joint space without frank osteophyte formation in conjunction with periarticular osteopenia is the hallmark radiographic finding 235.

A Fat suppressed coronal T2 weighted image shows a wedge shaped hyperintensity in the right femoral head. Eventually, tenotomy, osteotomy, hip arthrodesis or early joint arthroplasty nip be required [ 13 – 15 hil.

At follow up one month after injection, she reported significant decrease in pain. Chondrolysis; Idiopathic; Hip; Paediatric; Stiffness. ICH is characterized by the rapidly progressive destruction of articular cartilage in the hip joint, in the absence of known aetiologies 15. Kurume Med J ; Association with trauma and burns, infection, and prolonged immobilization have also been described.


The initial treatment was started conservatively. Intra-operative biopsies and exploration have revealed synovitis and cartilage chodrolysis [ 2 ]. Ann Jose ankara escort. Click here nip view. Agri and Aquaculture Journals Dr. Chondrolyiss 2-week follow up, the pain was relieved but the range of motion had not improved. Initially, chondrolysis was identified in patients following slipped capital femoral epiphysis [ 1 ]. AP Left Hip Fluoroscopy during arthrogram procedure with injection of steroid.

New x-rays Figures 1 and 2 revealed findings consistent with idiopathic juvenile chondrolyis of the hip including decreased joint space, sclerosis, and femoral and acetabular subchondral changes. Idiopathic chondrolysis typically occurs in black female adolescents. Chondrolysis of the hip was first described in the early s.

Idiopathic chondrolysis of the hip. He could not bear weight on the left chonvrolysis. One month later, she described persistent and unrelenting pain. Femoral head and acetabulum; idiopathic chondrolysis of hip; radiological staging. B Fat suppressed axial T2 weighted image shows a wedge shaped hyperintensity in the right femoral head. Acetabular oedema was seen around the triradiate cartilage involving ilium and ischium. Intra-articular injections and pain pumps may be of benefit.

Ultimately, most patients experience a spontaneous resolution of pain, develop early arthritisand often arthrodesis. Initially, patients will demonstrate the chondrolyxis hip to be extended, adducted, and internally rotated [ 2 ].

Treatment of chrondrolysis remains difficult, and few modalities provide adequate relief of pain for patients. Sparks LT, Dall G.

There was no erythema, swelling, or increased warmth over the left hip, but with pain on active and passive motion. Chondrolysis; Hip chondrolysis; Pediatric hip; Idiopathic chondrolysis; Juvenile hip; Chondrolyxis hip; Slipped capital femoral epiphysis.


Chondrolysis of the hip in an adolescent: clinical and radiological outcomes.

The initial autoimmune reaction to cartilage results in synovitis that further destroys cartilage. Radiographs of the hips showed diffuse narrowing of the right hip joint space with periarticular osteopenia and subchondral bone cyst Fig. Prevention of contractures is key to treatment, with physical therapy often prescribed.

Associated findings like joint space narrowing, synovial hypertrophy with joint effusion may also be observed. None, Conflict of Interest: Select your language of interest to view the total content in your interested language.

Idiopathic chondrolysis of the hip Gupta S, Choudhary MM – J Orthop Allied Sci

Her strength was decreased to the left lower extremity secondary to poor effort and left hip pain. C Coronal T1 weighted image shows a wedge shaped hypointensity in the head of right femur. Diagnostic difficulties-report of four cases.

There was no past medical or surgical historyand no family history of rheumatologic conditions or juvenile hip pain. Medium- to long-term results. Patient subsequently underwent total hip replacement. Pharmaceutical Sciences Journals Ann Jose ankara escort.

The onset is early in the second decade of life with an approximately 6: Patients will often ambulate with an antalgic gait [ 2 ]. Case 2 Radiographs of both hips reveal narrowing joint space of the right hip with pelvic obliquity.