Datt Bavani – single page PDF Download. 0B4YcZVuZKq4wVWQyTWt4ZUZhUkk/edit?usp=sharing. Posted by. Datta Bavani – Hindi – Datta Bavani written by Ranga Avadhuta Maharaj. This is translation from Gujarati to Hindi of Datta Bavani. This app help to read Datta.

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Mandir Ritual 31 December views. Darshan 31 December views. You are the true happiness and eternal bliss within. Datta Bavani – Hindi version 1. You are the only saviour protector of lyrifs Universe You are the only one to look after the whole Universe. When the Demon Ja n bha harassed the Devas Gods you bestowed mercy on them immediately without any delay.

Under your influence beasts like elephant Gajendra, vultures like jatayu also behaved saintly. Please arise else I am breathing my last. Breaking, the spell of lyics spirits cast on a brave Brahmins son you saved revived him.

Such unfathomable is your grace, why do you not heed to my call? Continue to Datta Bavani – Hindi. He strongly believed in the existence of one GOD.

Dutt Bavani Lyrics and Meaning, Gujarati Lyrics English Translation

Antardrashti 31 December views. Run to my aid, O! What is Bavaani and why we chant the mantra 31 December views. Naam Jap – Dutr Jap 31 December views. Instant gracious, compassionate and merciful Lord, saviour in this kaliyuga, you liberated the illerate and backward washerman.


You relieved a Muslim King who was the washerman blessed in his previous birth by nrusiha Saraswati Swami Maharaj of his ailments. He, the formless is the eternal one in several diversified forms. Arti 31 December views. This is translation from Gujarati to Hindi of Datta Bavani. Just click the green Download button above to start.

You are the saviour of those who seek your protection and shelter. A Brahmin named Gangadhar living in village shirol had lost five sons under the spell of evil spirits. Various Hindu sects worship him King Aayu ran to you for the boon of a son. Datta Bavani written by Ranga Avadhuta Maharaj. Now your mobile is your Datta Bavani book. One who recites Datta Baavanii with love and devotion fifytwo times on fiftytwo consecutive Thursdays as well as when one is free and regularly as a daily ritual, he will never be punished by Yama.

You have abundant compassion for many people. You revived a piece of dead wood which started bearing green leaves. In Gangapur Brahmakshetra a brahmin, fed up of his acute stomach pain was about to end his life by jumping into the river Godavari.

We are non profit website, Please help keep 14Gaam online. It is a Wonderful Religious Application Aimed to Like [ 1 ]. This is an expression of experience and deep gavani.

Datta Bavani – Hindi Free Download

Datta Bavani – Hindi is a free software application from the Reference Tools subcategory, part of the Education category. English transliteration of all names 31 December views.

You made a barren buffalo milk yielding revived lactation and bavank alleviated poverty of a destitute brahmin family in Gangapur. You can read and reach the minds and hearts of everyone. Swami Maharaj saved one of his two sons born later.


Hanuman Chalisha in Hindi 31 December views.

Datta Bavani with Gujarati Lyrics

Remebering you evil spirits and witch craft, Black magic cannot harm or affect human beings and they can attain eternal bliss or moksha. Lord Shiva Sharva your divine acts and miracles are countless.

Katha 31 December views. Lyricw rituals the month of Bhadrapad and Shraddha 31 December views. See below the changes in each version:. In material appearance externally you are a good master with two hands and a pleasant and charming face. Your name transforms the worst sinners into saints.

Seva 31 December views. Sing aloud the Victory and Glory of Shree Gurudeva. You yourself are that Lord Supreme. Kirtan 31 December views. All mental and physical ailments, agonies, miseries and all material problems end only by remembering you.

Benefits of Shankh Conch Sound 28 Jul views. You made Atri Rhushi and Anasuuyaa, the instrument to manifest yourself definitely for the welfare of the Universe and mankind. Dugt never use your email for spam.