Buy Gefran PID Temperature Controller, 48 x 48 (1/16 DIN)mm, 2 Output Relay, Gefran. Main Product. Technical Reference. User’s manual GEFRAN Buy Gefran PID Temperature Controller, 48 x 48 (1/16 DIN)mm, 2 Output Logic, Gefran series of Microprocessor Controllers support thermocouple. CONTROLLER USER’S MANUAL SOFTWARE VERSION x code L / Edition 15 – 07/ 1 • INSTALLATION Display Keys Accuracy • Dimensions.

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The instrument can also select display parameters based on hardware configuration, automatically masking irrelevant parameters.

Gefran 600 PID controller: User Manual & Installation Guide

In case of double action heating or coolingparameters for the opposite action are calculated by maintaining the initial ratio between parameters ex.: Repairs must be done only by trained and specialized personnel. It can signal variations in load input by identifying the current value in ammeter input in the range It is interrupted if the set-point is changed, and automatically resumes with a constant set-point.

Don’t have an account? It is enabled by means of configuration code AL.

Main input settable digital filter. User’s Manual Thermo controller.

It may be connected to units operating gefrxn such environments only by means of suitable interfaces in conformity to local safety regulations.


The direct HB alarm trips when the ammeter input value is below the limit set for Hb. Use of these solvents can reduce the mechanical reliability of the device. Resolution 7 bit PWM.

S diverso da 0 The alarm limit setting is A. Instrument programming is facilitated by grouping parameters in functional blocks CFG for control parameters, Inp for inputs, Out for outputs, etc. The variable for example, temperature must be that assumed at zero power room temperature. The input can be configured voltage-free contact by means of jumper.

If the Integral Time value is too long Weak integral actiondeviation between the controlled variable and the setpoint may persist. A PC programming kit is available for even simpler configuration, composed of a cable and a guided program for Windows environment see data sheet code To mount two or more units side by side, respect the cut-out dimensions. Minimum limit auxiliary l5. All outputs alarms and controls are OFF logic level 0, relays de-energized and all unit functions are disabled except the switch-on function and digital communication.

User’s Manual – Gefran User Manual [Page 18]

It’s a gefrab project which helps to repair anything. Type of remote setpoint 0Digital from serial line 1 Digital from serial line Reletive to local setpoint Probe type, signal, enable custom linearization, and main input geftan Type Probe type without decimal point Sensore: Turn off the instrument S. Do not clean the case with hydrocarbon-based solvents Petrol, Trichlorethylene, etc. The warranty excludes defects caused by any Serial interface optional RS, isolated use not conforming to these instructions.


To fix the unit, insert the brackets provided into the seats on either side of the.

Gefran PID controller: User Manual & Installation Guide |

Therefore, take appropriate precautions when handling electronic circuit boards in order to prevent permanent damage to these components. Normalmente utilizzata per la ritrasmissione del valore sonda. Mwnual See gefrxn User manual – pages. Custom linearization for main input Step 0 beginning of scale value Display limits … the n step value corresponds to input: Page 13 If the Integral Time value is too long Weak integral actiondeviation between the controlled variable and the setpoint may persist.

The instrument is supplied with an “EASY” configuration with just a few parameters only those for the model ordered and essential for controller operation.

Page 7 Minimum limit auxiliary l5.