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Rendering a Grid 4. Tool Preset Editor 5.

Intersect Layer Mask with Selection 7. Layer Boundary Size 7. Koppelen van dialoogvensters 3. Managing Text Layer 1.

How to vary the height of a brush 9. Remove all guides 6.


The Cage Tool 4. Moving a Selection 2. Sending your files 3. Snap to Grid 5. Change the Mode 4.

Select Previous Layer 7. Save to Channel 4. Intersect Alpha channel with Selection 7.

GNU Image Manipulation Program

Find Info About Your Image 4. Layer Boundary Size 7. Alpha to Logo Filters Een bestand openen 3. The gimp-help-2 folder 2.


Aan de slag 1. Linear color space workflow 2. Problems of a non Color Managed Workflow 1. Copy Image Location 2. Fill Selection Outline 3. Klonen met perspectief 3.

Rendering a Grid 4. Remove Alpha Channel 7. Save a Copy… 2.

Select Top Layer 7. Delete Layer Mask 7. Device Status Dialog 5. Color to Alpha… 8. Layer to Top 7.