Make a bet with one of your geek friends that you can use InDesign CS3 to settings use the [High Resolution] Transparency Flattener Preset. Instead, use InDesign’s transparency flattener to convert the text automatically for you when you export a PDF. To do this, you’ll need a custom. Here is how you can Flatten transparent artwork in Adobe InDesign. 1. Choose Edit > Transparency Flattener Presets. 2. Select a preset in the.

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The main advantages in creating a preset are its reusability and the indesogn to export and share your settings with colleagues. Avoid these blending modes when working with spot colors: You can choose a flattener preset in the Advanced panel of the Print dialog box or of the format-specific dialog box that appears after the initial Export or Save As dialog box.

To preview the separations open the Output Preview tab:. In this case, the flattener may convert the glyphs to outlines, resulting in thickened stroke widths on the glyphs only.

Flatten transparent artwork

No worries, we’re all here to help. Deselect this option when saving files for use in page-layout applications.

Specifies the amount of vector information that will be preserved. Email Required, but never shown. On this page About flattening About transparency flattener presets Apply a flatteenr preset for output Create or edit a transparency flattener preset Export and import a custom transparency flattener preset Rename or delete a custom transparency flattener preset Nidesign an individual spread Ignore the flattener preset on an individual spread Transparency Flattener options Preview which areas of artwork will be flattened Refresh the preview in the Flattener Preview panel Best practices when creating transparency.


This is useful for controlling ineesign flattening quality in documents with a mix of high-resolution images with lots of transparency and low-resolution images. The availability of options depends on the content of the artwork.

And whole feature is deactivated in PDF Export window. Grade your skills now. Use inddesign preview options in the Flattener Preview to highlight areas that are affected by flattening.

Flatten Me! I want to be printed!

In most cases, flattening produces excellent results when you use an appropriate predefined flattener preset, or create a preset with settings appropriate for your final output.

Thanks in advance for your help! You can save transparency flattener presets in a separate file, making it easy to back them tranwparency or to make them available to your service providers, clients, or others in your workgroup.

Tranxparency have been battling with this for over an hour There was originally no transparency in the file, so I created some with a white square set to 0.

In addition, in Illustrator glattener can apply them when saving files to earlier versions of Illustrator or when copying to the clipboard; in Acrobat, you can also apply them when optimizing PDFs. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


Click for PDF copy of the instructions. Expanded Patterns Illustrator and Acrobat.

Flatten transparent artwork in Adobe InDesign

Best practices when creating transparency. Flattening divides transparent artwork into vector-based areas and rasterized areas. This is because InDesign uses process color equivalents on screen, but uses spot colors in print.

You can specify flattening settings and then save and apply them as transparency flattener presets. To do this, you must specify settings both when you place the EPS graphic and when you output it.

The flattening settings are used only if the artwork contains indeign or if Simulate Overprint is selected in the Output area of the Export Adobe PDF dialog box.

InDesign and transparency flatteners location – Graphic Design Stack Exchange

To export a preset to indesivn separate file, click Save InDesign or Export Illustratorspecify a name and location, and then click Save. Please type your message and try again.

Subscribe to our e-newsletter? Transparency Flattener Preset options. With this option transparwncy, overprinted areas that interact with transparency are flattened, while overprinting in other areas is preserved.