Volume: 2; Author: Arthur Westcott; Category: Biography and Autobiography; Length: Pages; Year: Life and Letters of Brooke Foss Westcott, D.D., D.C.L.: Sometime Bishop of Durham, Volume 2. Front Cover. Arthur Westcott. Macmillan and Company, Limited. Trove: Find and get Australian resources. Books, images, historic newspapers, maps, archives and more.

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How very comforting are some of Keble s hymns! What human dis tinction can compare with this? T-gth April This day I am seized with a poetic fit, and at one sitting write English verses on the Isles of Peace! Hamilton, but I cannot refrain from telling, as it just occurs to me, of his unselfish interest in giving up time to assist an old lady friend of ours, who, late in life, had set herself the task of learning Greek, in order to read the New Testament in the original. The following were the subjects of papers read by my father: But though it has been very gay and beautiful, I am extremely glad that it is over.

These four, together with W.

When in he visited Birmingham, on the occasion of the opening of a new girls school on King Edward s Foundation, he paid a public tribute to his great teacher s memory. Many circumstances I really think render it desirable, strange as it may seem ; for absence alone can test a friend s sincerity, and we have had at present but little of such proof, though I do not anticipate that it will other than confirm ours.

Even Plato would, I am sure, have admitted Keble. Every difficult phrase was, therefore, a problem ; and grammars and lexicons were the only helps at hand for the solution of it.

He owed very much to his hon oured teacher, and always delighted to acknowledge the debt. So I will conclude poetically My paper is expended, My ink too is the same, And as my pen ain t mended, Why, I can t write my name.

Faraday s Light experiments ; but far, far more off is that brief account of the London poor and “ragged schools. Nor am I sure that the ” will ” is not a separate faculty distinct from Reason ; the passions are and why may there not be a third faculty in man a spiritual essence?


In afternoon go on the river. Then to know Mr. This Captain Westcott had an only sister, who married a French count.

Life and Letters of Brooke Foss Westcott, D.D., D.C.L.: Sometime Bishop of Durham; Volume 2

I am fully sensible that it is not social, that perhaps it is little suited to minister to others happiness. Again and again it arouses my pity. This is of interest, because my father s immediate ancestry and home surroundings do not satisfactorily account for his intensely religious temperament, which must have been in some degree inherited.

But even then I put destcott the candles and looked, as I have often done, at the bright moon shining over Sidney, and thought of home and all with it, and how much I should like to surprise you all ; and I do not recollect any goblin visions of Scholarships disturbing my reveries.

We talk on many things of deepest import. I lay stress on this wider, if most fragmentary, teaching, because I believe it was essential to our master s view of his work, and that it westcotf still the most effective way letfers awakening dormant lettera.

It is perhaps unfor tunate that the conventions of the press have required that the putty should be displayed in the larger type, 1 Vol. Registered in England and Wales.

Life and Letters of Brooke Foss Westcott, D.D, D. C. L

Stanley s sermon on St. I pray that in reading them you may be guided by that Spirit Who alone can enlighten us. A structural form conveyed a definite idea.

A striking thought is suggested, that the fact of our Lord never mentioning His own hope or faith is a proof of His divinity.

My journey was not very pleasant, for we rode about thirty miles in the rain by coach, and so could see but little as we went along, though I do not know that many beauties were lost.

Why should the Church need assistance? Evans also went to Trinity. Again I am angry to-day. At present they are quite unchristian ; and they cannot be neutral any more than we can. I do not think I can give you more advice than I did in my last note.

My faith still is wavering. From 9 to 1 1 he attended College lectures, and afterwards read in his own rooms until 2, Then, if it was tolerably fine, he would go for a walk, returning in time for dinner in Hall at about 4.


Life and Letters of Brooke Foss Westcott, D.D, D. C. L

Evans was nearly wild, and we were all extravagant, I am afraid. I have a aestcott recollection of a walk under dismal circumstances, when we journeyed for something over twenty-five miles into Bristol through pouring rain, and, in spite of the purchase of two wisps of straw, from which we improvised shelters that made us look like walking sheaves, we arrived in the suburbs quite wet through, travel-stained, and weary.

Sometime Bishop of DurhamArthur Westcott. At school to-day I am almost reduced to despair, and what shall we say of public schools in general? Riots to be to-day. Reprinted April and October Wewtcott the following month came the Classical Examination, in which he was bracketed first ot the first class with his friend Scott. Westcott married Sarah, daughter of Mr. Yet no doubt it is all flss the best. Is not the first the true poet: Gedge westcoyt, ist,” and the last is ” Durham, foes Go to have a view of the great agitator a very clownish fellow he is too and he makes me go without my dinner, though “angels delight to hear him,” as Mr.

On one occasion he attended a meeting of the teachers of the Jesus Lane Sunday School ; but his experience there was not happy, and he decided that he would not go again. Such discipline could not fail to brace and stimulate; and lest our zeal should flag, the few English commentaries which existed were made to furnish terrible warnings against the neglect of thoroughness and accuracy.

Nor do I think that reason can find out truth. This day, I think, is marked by a new conception of the great truth.

Except at school, the inter course with the first three, who were boarders in Lee s house, was rare, but Purton and Price he often met, and with the former, who lived near, he liked to talk not only of work and ambitions, but of his geological and architectural rambles in the neighbourhood.