Purchase MHZ Crystal Oscillator. Buy Online in India. DNA Technology, Nashik. DNA Technology is an online retail store that sells electronics. A crystal oscillator is an electronic oscillator circuit that uses the mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal of piezoelectric material to create an electrical signal. MHz XO (Standard) HCMOS, TTL Oscillator 5V Enable/Disable 8-DIP, 4 Leads (Half Size, Metal Can).

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Quartz has the further advantage that its elastic constants and its size change in such a way that the frequency dependence on temperature can be very low. This property of low phase noise makes them particularly useful in telecommunications where stable signals are needed, and in scientific equipment where very precise time references are 11.0592khz.

These effects can be used to adjust the frequency at which a crystal oscillates. Less sensitive to mechanical stresses.

A badly designed oscillator circuit may suddenly begin oscillating on an overtone. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Atmospheric humidity influences the thermal transfer properties of air, and can change electrical properties of plastics by diffusion of water molecules into oscilaltor structure, altering the dielectric constants and electrical conductivity.

Crystal oscillator

A double rotated cut “Linear Coefficient” with a linear temperature-frequency response; can be used as a sensor in crystal thermometers. Some of the defects produce localized levels in the forbidden band, serving as charge traps; Al III and B III typically serve as hole traps while electron vacancies, titanium, germanium, and phosphorus atoms serve as electron traps.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Crystal oscillators. The Q value is calculated only for the z region; crystals containing other regions can be adversely affected. Comprehensive Dictionary of Electrical Engineering. A technique used in the world of amateur radio for slight decrease of the crystal frequency may be achieved by exposing crystals with silver electrodes to vapors of iodinewhich causes a slight mass increase on the surface by forming a thin layer of silver iodide ; such crystals however had problematic long-term stability.

Method of making miniature high frequency SC-cut quartz crystal resonators U. Sweeping under vacuum at higher temperatures and field strength can further reduce the crystal’s response to X-ray pulses. Sensitive to electric fields. In many oscillators, any spectral energy at the resonant frequency is amplified by the oscillator, resulting in a collection of tones at different phases.


After the power-up, the crystals take several seconds to minutes to “warm up” and stabilize their frequency. Sensitive to air damping, to obtain optimum Q it has to be packaged in vacuum. The short-term stability is measured by four main parameters: The reverse process however is not entirely homogeneous and crystal twinning occurs. The oven-controlled OCXOs require usually 3—10 oscilltor for heating up to reach oscillqtor equilibrium; the oven-less oscillators stabilize in several seconds as the few milliwatts dissipated in the crystal cause a small but noticeable level of crydtal heating.

The migration of impurities and the gradual replacement of alkali metal ions with hydrogen when swept in air or electron holes when swept in vacuum causes a weak electric current through the crystal; decay of this current to a constant value signals the end of the process.

BVA resonators are often used in spacecraft applications. A crystal oscillator, particularly one made of quartz crystalworks by being distorted by an electric field when voltage is applied to an 11.0592mhhz near or on the crystal. The helixes are aligned along the z-axis and merged, sharing atoms. The specific characteristics depend on the mode of vibration and the angle at which the quartz is cut relative to its crystallographic axes. Crystal manufacturers normally cut and trim their crystals to have a specified resonant frequency with a known “load” capacitance added to the crystal.


High magnitudes of shocks may tear the crystals off their mountings especially in the case of large low-frequency crystals suspended on thin wiresor cause cracking of 11.0592mz crystal. The composition of the crystal can be gradually altered by outgassing, diffusion of atoms of impurities or migrating from the electrodes, or the lattice can be damaged by radiation. High frequency crystals are often designed to operate at third, fifth, or seventh overtones.

Germanium impurities tend to trap 11.092mhz created during irradiation; the alkali metal cations then migrate towards the negatively charged center and form a stabilizing complex.

The etch channel density for swept quartz is about 10— and significantly more for unswept quartz. The impurities have a negative impact on radiation hardnesssusceptibility to twinningcrytsal loss, and long and short term stability of the crystals.

MHz Crystal Oscillator buy online in India | Robomart

SC-cut crystals are most advantageous where temperature control at their temperature of zero temperature 11.0592jhz turnover is possible, under these circumstances an overall stability performance from premium units can approach the stability of Rubidium frequency standards. Has frequency constant 1. This property is known as electrostriction or inverse piezoelectricity. Phase-shift oscillator Twin-T oscillator 111.0592mhz bridge oscillator. Such a crystal is referred to as a 3rd, 5th, or even 7th overtone crystal.


High-purity quartz crystals are grown with especially low content of aluminium, alkali metal and other impurities and minimal rcystal the low amount of alkali metals provides increased resistance to ionizing radiation. Gold also does not form oxides; it adsorbs organic oscllator from the air, but these are easy to remove.

A quartz crystal can be modeled as an electrical network with a low- impedance series and a high- impedance parallel resonance points spaced closely together. Moreover, the effective inductive reactance of the crystal can be reduced by adding a capacitor in series with the crystal. One of the most important traits of quartz crystal oscillators is that they can exhibit very low phase noise.

Crystals can be manufactured for oscillation over a wide range of frequencies, from a few kilohertz up to several hundred megahertz. Quartz crystals with high ctystal of alkali metal impurities lose Q with irradiation; Q of swept artificial crystals is unaffected.

Vig High sensitivity temperature sensor and sensor array U. An oscillator crystal has two electrically conductive plates, with a slice or tuning fork of quartz crystal sandwiched between them. Acceleration effects including gravity are also reduced with SC-cut crystals as is frequency change with time due to long term mounting stress variation. Crystals grow anisotropically ; the growth along the Z axis is up to 3 times faster than along the X axis.

Shinohara; Hideo Iwasaki; Carlos K. Temperature-sensitive, can be used as a sensor. In the s to s, it was fairly common for people to adjust the frequency of the crystals by manual grinding.

Coupled ceystal are worse than the AT cut, resistance tends to be higher; much more care is required to convert between overtones.

High-frequency crystals are typically cut in the shape of a simple rectangle or circular disk.

The hydroxyl defects can be measured by near-infrared spectroscopy.

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