700 HN100 PDF

Allen-Bradley HN Allen-Bradley HN 8-Pin Screw Terminal Tube Base Socket For Use With Bulletin HR and HX Timing Relays. MPN: HN ✓. Screw Terminal Tube Base Sockets ± Panel or DIN Rail Mounting . Open Style construction. 8 pin for use with DPDT BuIIetin HA reIays, HT. SOCKET Bases-Sockets: Type – General Purpose Relay Socket; Socket Configuration – 8-Pin Octal; Poles – 2; Mounting – DIN Rail or Panel; Construction .

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Allen Bradley Relay Base 700-hn203 Ser a 10a 300vac

We will pay the following shipping both ways on itemsreturned within 30 days on items which were not sold as-is This data is non-repetitive. 70 off email alerts.

To convert millimeters to inches multiply by 0. Items listed as “like new” are used items that have had very little use.


Most products we sell have a serial number or some other way for us to tell it came from us. Non-US buyers should ask us in advance if we will have any add’l requirements. The following operating modes are possible: We collect sale tax on shipments made within New Jersey. When the signal S is closed and then opened, the relay contacts R change state immediately and the time delay t begins.


The totalizing count range is 0… For additional details applying solid-state relays, refer to pub. If the signal is opened before the time delay is complete, the relay remains energized and the time delay is reset.

Operational 10… Hz, 0.

Timing starts when the start signal comes ON. In all cases, you must let us know in advance of the return and we will set up the shipping; and Reduction Factor Load applied to 1 contact.

Allen Bradley hn Ser a Relay Socket 8 Pin 10a vac | eBay

Output Logic Ratings Hnn100. Please enable JavaScript on your browserthen try again. Peak] 40 30 50 Inrush Current [A. Continuous input power is NOT required. It is your responsibility to make sure that the product is used and installed properly and that it will be able to handle any type of load, pressure, electrical current or any other type of potentially hazardous condition.

Care should be exercised when jn100 any type of product which will be used with electricity, under pressure, to carry weight, or any other type of potentially hazardous condition.

To order paper copies of technical documentation, contact your local Allen-Bradley distributor or Rockwell Automation sales representative. Contacts remain in energized state. Star ouput contact changes state when input power is applied. Maximum Storage Temperature Solid or stranded, copper only Strip Length: Shipments outside of the U.


NPN transistor or switching of contact Start, reset, gate Minimum input signal width: First, 7000 should point out that we only sell quality product and our return rate is less than 0. If the signal is closed before the time delay is complete, the time delay is reset and the relay remains energized. Control Output Indicator orange 3.

After the first timing cycle is complete, timing is initiated by the trailing yn100 of the start signal.

When the initiating contact re-opens, timing begins. In that case we will send you a bill for any add’l shipping cost. The status of the control output is reversed when time is up OFF at start.

For optimum reliability, use contacts designed for low energy switching 5V, 1 mA Bul. Reset Key 6 Changes modes and setting items Resets present hh100 and output 7