Fill Formulario Afip, download blank or editable online. PARTICULARES APORTES Y CONTRIBUCIONES CUIL TRABAJADOR: – MES F/B A O PER . AFIP Ganancias Tabla Deducciones Diciembre Ganancias Tabla Deducciones Personales La Administración Federal De Ingresos Públicos. Error: Folder specified does not exist. This could be because you manually entered the folder name in the URL or you don’t have permission to access this.

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La Caja de Seguro So- elal expide mensualmente una gran cantidad de cheques a nombre de las personas que de- ben percibir jubilacin o pen- sin. The Yankee margin over the charging Tribe is.

Les tonques se encuentran es- condidos en Joksan, un sector ai Nrte de la ciudad en donde se llevan a cabo las conferen- cias del armisticio, y estn en posicin de avanzar hacia el Sur a travs de Kaeseng sobre Sel en la misma forma que lo hicieron durante su invasin hace 13 meses. Segn dichos informes, los barcos que ya salieron de Ca- lifornia con el Nn indicado han recibido instrucciones Da- r obtener licencias en Co- lombia y Ecuador, elegando que hay excesivas demoras en la tramitacin de las licencias en Panam.

Good opportun- ity f120 right person. Each Clock carries two differ- ent chimes. Miss Rita de la Guafflia. M Pool Closes 5: No lonfr need snton tulrtr be Su of akin irritation. After the fi tl ‘ al curtain the audience eave her a standing ovation. And 66 Chinese bought up the huge quantity of 8, bushels On the.

This is Communist strategy and America’s danger. The Red Sox had Just seemed sure of victory when Clyde Voll- mer’s second homer of the game gave them a lead In the top of the eleventh Inning when Av- ila broke loose Bob Lemon opened the Indian eleventh with a pinch-double but he was only on third with two out when Avila came arip. Now the Inter American Wom- en’s Club needs help to keep this worthwhile community project 1 alive. He appealed for peace and or- der, declaring that “the nation may be sure that the government will carry out Its duties without fear or vacillation.


Us ne- I Rociadores de la tregua en Corea han notado con ‘faite-! Dashwood Dar- – ling.

Carmen de la Las- tra. I drew all of the Century Series Fighters. Jernimo de le Ossa St.

The Panama American

Tell me what your favorite cent fighter is! These lads signed to make a v102 limit of pounds. The Cocoll boys did all they could to break the opposing team’s defense. Training at the Naval Operating Base. F Delta Daggers flying in formation in Vietnam in Headquarters has Issued orders that these names never should be carried on your per- son.

Margaret Flncke and Dr.

Wllcox cabled her hus- band’s partner, Frank L. En ocasiones, tales che- ques no son reclamados por sus beneficiarios y permanecen en la oficina de entrega de agip Caja de Seguro Social, ya sea por muerte del beneficiario o porque habiendo suspendido la Caja el pago de la pensin, por falta de coordinacin en el trabajo se contina girando cheques en favor de las per- sonas que ya no son bene- ficiarlas.

Gene Lauber, Major William G.

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Laboratory f120 Lot Angtlet. Notes Dates or Sequential Designation: All shows except news and sports events on film. A “loyalty” program has been instituted, attempting to expose “spies.

The original F design concept was a short-ranged, swept-wing, supersonic interceptor powered by a ramjet and several rocket engines. There’ll be seven first place awards for the winners of the above-mentioned handle rafts, and the members of the Rhythm Band directed by the Misses Dixon and Lynton will be on hand to supply the latest hits.


Joseph Brye pre- sided at the organ and Mrs. With a frame out of walnut and alder.

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M Pool Closet 2: He aqu el texto del importante Resuelto: Get Johnson’t Cream Wax. It is believed that this meas- ure waa taken because the catch of tuna recently has been un- usually heavy. Rosita Her- ‘nanfljz Miss Rosa Palacio.

The profit amendments had drawn the strongest criticism by top Administration officials of any action to date by either House on the new controls legis- lation. Pero, en vez de manejar los abastos militares, est especulando con el frijol de soya a costa del pueblo nor- teamericano. Am Uiti-if gos have cut such trade only slightly. The report said one of the Dig- fest Communist supply opera- Ions of the war would be com- plete by tomorrow night and that enemy front line forces, hundreds of thousands strong, would be In position to open an offensive.

Arosemena 7Politico M. Three wheel motor scooter frame with ports, needs work. The F was redesigned to accommodate a four-cylinder-four-stroke-engine.

Hi me i featuring. The building In which the Guardera is housed Is furnished rent-free by the Government of Panama, which also pays for the lights, water and telephone. El Ministro de Educacin, en representacin del rgano Ejecutivo, Considerando: Although hampered by being put on traffic beats and out-of-the-way assignments, Wrlich said his “Four Horse- men” made 20 raids in six months, made 28 arrests and secured 16 convictions.

Cristbal Balboa Robert N.