AMPHIESMA STOLATUM. Buff Striped Keelback. 花浪蛇 (hua1lang4she2). Status: Not Protected. Non-venomous. VIDEOS. Amphiesma stolatum. The buff striped keelback (Amphiesma stolatum) is a species of nonvenomous colubrid snake found across Asia. It is a typically nonaggressive snake that feeds . Amphiesma stolatum (Linnaeus, ) – Striped Keelback. Taxonomic Notes: Photo Gallery; Early stages; Distribution; Identification; Status, Habitat and Habits .

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Herpetological Review 44 1: Specific taxa are treated under Associations specifying predators or prey and associatedTaxa. The buff striped keelback is nonvenomous and totally harmless. Taylor and Francis, Printers. Amphibians and reptiles of Mount Kinabalu North Borneo. The reptile fauna of India.

Buff striped keelback

A structured diagnostic description using dichotomic or multientrance keys. Maximum deaths of this species is done due to road kills.


Amphiesma stolata Sharma Describes behaviour and behaviour patterns of an organism, including actions and reactions of organism in relation to its biotic and abiotic environment. Records of the Indian Museum 1: The buff striped keelback is diurnaland although mostly seen on land, it can readily take to water.

Amphiesma stolatum (Linnaeus, ) | Species | India Biodiversity Portal

A taxonomic revision of the Asian keelback snakes, genus Amphiesma Serpentes: Amlhiesma is abundant during the rains. The batrachians and reptiles of Formosa. Asiatic Herpetological Research 4: An amphiesmw of reptilian diversity and their distribution in Jammu and Kashmir state from Jammu city in northern India: A general description, with any kind of information about the taxon. Journal of Threatened Taxa 5 Reports on a collection of batrachia, reptiles and fish from Nepal and the western Himalayas.

Checklists specific search options Observed during. Morphs There are two distinct sttolatum varieties — a typical variety, found everywhere, with grayish-blue interscale colour. Notes on a collection of snakes from the Khasi Hills, Assam.


Reptile of Hong Kong

Describes reproductive physiology and behavior, including mating and life history amhpiesma. Amphiesma stolata Janzen et al. It is used extensively for research as well as educational and outreach activities by professional and citizen scientists.

The herpetology of Nepal: An annotated checklist, with remarks on nomenclature, taxonomy, habitat use, adaptive types and biogeography. This terrestrial, diurnal snake inhabits well-watered lowland plains and hills. The primary diet of adult A. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike stolatuj. Uses and Management Uses and Management Uses. Herpetofauna of the Chatthin Wildlife Sanctuary, north-central Myanmar with preliminary observations of their Natural History.