The Anointing has ratings and 27 reviews. Melissa said: I have always really enjoyed reading books from Benny Hinn. His writing style is clear, to th. I have been receiving e-mails and watching Benny Hinn for the last few nights on Hinn who is the apostolic father with the greatest amount of the “anointing”. OVER COPIES SOLD INCLUDES STUDY GUIDE Books by Benny Hinn from Thomas Nelson Publishers The Anointing The Biblical Road to Blessing.

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We must be faithful with what God so richly supplies. His lips would quiver while bennny eyes looked toward heaven. Later on, I looked up from my deep fellowship to see Miss Kuhlman sobbing, her face buried in her hands. He was even willing to die for Him.

And I will share how I first came to experience the anointing and how that moment revolutionized my hnin. God had never released me from that original call. Sometimes I would feel weak by just looking at him.

The Anointing by Benny Hinn

And when we came to the words, “Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to thee,” I literally sang it from my hihn. Don’t wound the one I love! My hands were lifted, and tears streamed down my face as we sang “How Great Thou Art.


So empty of You? Can I really meet You? This book was great. The cares of the world pass away.

I finally told him I had to leave. I mean, we were deep in the woods — secluded, with nothing but trees, birds, and squirrels.

Benny Hinn’s graveside anointing

I looked over at my song leader, and his face told me he was wondering what in the world was going on. With my severe stuttering problem, I anointijg it would be useless anointint argue with the usher.

I knew beyond doubt in those hours that the Lord was right there. It was an unusual sensation that didn’t really seem physical at all.

My constant prayer is simply this, and I believe it will become yours: Aug 03, Gary B rated it really liked it Shelves: I said it out loud: They are vital to the truth of the anointing: Aointing I could do was throw my arms up in the air and cry, “I can’t do it, Lord; I can’t do it. Kathryn lost all sound judgment and fell in love with him.

Moreover, he is using this event as a mystical prescription from the other side. A tube down his throat.

I believe that room speaks of a dimension, a new dimension in the Spirit. Haley Smith rated it it was amazing Oct 10, When the Holy Spirit is a reality in your life, He provides an avenue through which the anointing, the power, can flow.


I don’t think I know You. The presence and the anointing. Bom on May 9,near Concordia, Missouri, Kathryn grew into a tall, red-haired teenager, mischievous, strong-willed, and bright. Kathryn Kuhlman, who was so important in my introduction to the Holy Spirit and to the truths of both the presence and the anointing of the Spirit, had talked about “the price.

Throughout Scripture there are similar cases.

Once you grasp what the anointing holds for you, experiencing the depth and rich reality of that precious touch, you will never be the same. I can’t explain it. For usage guidelines see link at the bottom.

The Anointing

Hard to rate this one If you haven’t experienced a daily walk in which these things are reality, you need to understand what the presence and the anointing are. Except for my salvation, I value the anointing the most.

In fact, the longer it continued, the more beautiful it became. You will discover the anointing.