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With great difficulty, like a dream, the girl took her first step, one she had practiced at the ballet barre that was not even yet a dance. K end, though, was starting to look less and less attainable every second adnric the dance was overwhelming him and making him forget all else. Surely, it was the only firearm on the Sloping Meadows, and it served more to raise the fortitude and confidence of the shepherds than to be a real threat to the wolves.

Aja, a big ewe with thick fleece and round eyes, gave birth to her first lamb, who looked like all newborns, a fist of damp wool starting to bleat. They went along a trail of green grass and rich pasture as their best bet.

That day Aska was very happy and very carefree. Then, when she arrived at one of the fields——she found herself suddenly face to face with an awful wolf. She performed unusual jumps ivvo fallen branches, jumps that made the wolf laugh, want more, and seek an encore. The wolf waited and watched, and he started to come closer, and in front of her all doors to classical ballet were closing and the voice of her teacher became more and more faint, eventually disappearing.

Aska i vuk

Her steps were short and quick but still unable to fill the time that was standing by like the emptiness with which death continuously beckoned. This attitude, though, slowly vk into a marveling and irrepressible curiosity.


How did a young, white, pretty lamb andeic so far astray as to step right into his jaws? When the shepherds heard the woeful voice of Aja and sensed the apprehensive mood passing through the flock, they selected among themselves two younger men and sent them into the woods for the lost, wayward lamb.

The wounded wolf had only enough strength to walk a hundred steps while his wound was still fresh. It was the start of autumn; the andgic was strong but beginning to fade and there were brief, warm showers that made a happy rainbow over the wet, sunny fields.

Aska claimed that no one in their family had ever been anything but a docile sheep-housewife.

The grass was especially juicy in that area, she thought, deep inside the woods. Her body did not tire any longer now, and her dancing renewed her strength for yet more dancing.

Aska and the Wolf – Pozorište Mladih

Her blood froze and her thin legs could not move. At the edge of the clearing, an unexpected thing happened. The plodding step and fixed gaze of the old wolf, the perpetual, invisible butcher of her flock, followed her.

Who knows if this world, since its beginnings, has ever seen what the modest and nameless woods above the Sloping Meadows saw that day? But I want to see the wonder, to see this one last movement, and then the next.

Who knows if it was true or not, as is the case with every story such as this one? Aja was full of fear and wondered how this child of hers, and a girl at that, came to be so stubborn and restless. And that was the limit of her knowledge and skills. She had no andriic, but she was lying on the forest grass as if dead. She felt that she still had strength adric movement, but it was not a movement asja protect herself because she was not capable of that.


She wondered what, after all, could be so vik with art? She knew but one thing: No sheep from a good family had ever followed such a path, and so on.

Ivo Andric – Aska i Vuk by Jasmin Jusuf Jusufović | Free Listening on SoundCloud

At first, her mother strongly opposed the idea, providing many reasons against it, each one more convincing than the last. Thinking like this, the wolf followed the lamb, stopping when she stopped and moving whenever she speeded up the movements of the dance. They went slowly and carefully. The younger one had tied the back legs of the wolf together and easily dragged his bloody, long body down the hill. The older vu was carrying the white lamb.

The shepherds ran to find Aska unconscious.

This gave the terrified Aska a tiny bit of time, when she thought there was none left, and the time was so short that it did not seem like time at all. The back of his body was now completely deadened, but he pawed the ground with his front legs, rolling his head and baring ajdric fangs. Nor do we imagine all that we can do.

Her last movement would only be dance. It was ask girl, an orphan, because a few days earlier Aja had lost her husband whom she dearly loved.

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