This engineering classification system, which was developed by Bieniawski in , utilises the RMR classification of rock masses (Bieniawski, ). Bieniawski, Z.T. () Engineering Rock Mass Classifications. Wiley, New York. has been cited by the following article: TITLE: Interaction of Twin Circular. angles may have with respect to the excavation or slope. 7 of Erik Eberhardt – UBC Geological Engineering. ISRM Edition p direction. Bieniawski ().

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A note of caution: Journal of Mining Science. If the design and construction process of twin tunnels are not understood and considered, damage to the tunnel lining or excessive ground surface settlement may take place.

This is depicted in the chart below see Lawson Historical developments, applications, and restrictions”. Stand up timeRock mass deformability modulus Em and Rock mass strength.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Bieniawski [1] between and Retrieved from ” https: The sum of the six parameters is the “RMR value”, which lies between 0 and In view of the improving technology for rock bolting, shotcrete and steel ribs, it was left to tunnel designers to modify these guidelines for other tunnel sizes, which served its purpose well.

The details for calculating RMR are given elsewhere by edumine and provide a series of tables for RMR determination while the latest charts for the same purpose are given in the references and further reading. The investigation considered the effect of spacing between the twin tunnels and ground conditions on tunnel behavior. In big and crowded cities with limited urban areas, it is sometimes necessary to build twin tunnels to overcome transportation problems.

This page was last edited on 2 Novemberat These equations may give a good estimate of modulus given the correct input data, however it is difficult to obtain reliable intact strength or intact modulus values from laboratory tests on samples from highly disturbed rock masses.

Moreover, the system was the first to enable estimation of rock mass properties, such as the modulus of deformationin addition to providing tunnel support guidelines and the stand-up time of underground excavations.

The city started to construct big tunneling projects and it is expected in the near future to start building twin tunnels. Engineers informally classify rock structure into two general classifications: A rock mass rating system provides a method of incorporating some of the complex mechanics of actual rocks into engineering design.


For compressibility ratio of 0. Today, after 40 years of use, it has become apparent that it would be convenient for practical tunnel designers to have charts for the selection of rock support as a function of both tunnel size and rock mass quality. These values are derived from field surveys and laboratory tests. A number of sigmoidal equations have been proposed that give rock mass modulus as a function of intact modulus and a rock mass rating.

Each of the six parameters is assigned a value corresponding to the characteristics of the rock. New adjustment ratings for application of Bieniawski classification to slopes.

In particular, the charts enclosed here for the RMR parameters intact rock strength and the combined parameters RQD and discontinuity spacing represented by the number of discontinuities per metershow the advantage of using the charts for better accuracy, rather than relying on the tables which show the average ratings for the ranges of each RMR parameter. At the spring line level, the excavation of the new tunnel had almost no effect on the far side of the old one. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This ignores the possibility that the material in zones with poor rock will often be highly weathered, and it ignores the possibility that even without weathering a zone of poor rock may represent rock which simply has a lower intact strength, and that is why it became disturbed while zones of stronger rock on the same project did not.

It is also adaptable for knowledge-based expert systems. In a city like Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, tunneling becomes very essential to solve effectively traffic conjunctions and associated problems.

To address this issue, Romana [5] defined Slope Mass Rating scheme that is based on the original Bieniawski’s parameters but including a rigorous definition of the parameters considering the effect of the orientation of discontinuities.

In the second chart, an improved relationship for the range of RMR greater than 56 is given. The analysis focused on the bieniawsk of constructing twin tunnels on ground surface settlement, contact pressure between lining and ground, and change in tunnel diameter. Engineering rock mass classifications: Rock Mass Rating RMR has found wide applications in various types of engineering projects such as tunnels, slopes, foundations, and mines.

This is more realistic than relying on one bienaiwski equation.


Rock mass rating – Wikipedia

This approach has the advantage that modulus values are NOT overestimated at the higher range nor underestimated or overestimated at the lower range. Open Journal of Civil EngineeringVol.

Because of this limitation, something that is commonly done in practice is to base intact modulus values on test results done on good samples of intact rock from locations with competent rock, using either laboratory measurements of intact modulus or on an assumed ratio between intact strength and modulus for a particular rock type. Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. In this study, the interaction between adjacent tunnels excavated through soils in Saudi Arabia has been investigated using FE analysis and the range of the encountered soil properties.

Recently, after over 40 years of use, renewed attention was paid to the RMR System because of its applications to the assessment of rock mass excavability RME and, especially, its direct correlation with the specific energy of excavation SEE for TBMs used effectively to detect changes in tunneling conditions, in real time, thus serving as a warning of adverse conditions as construction proceeds. On the other hand, and for low compressibility ratio, the new tunnel excavation significantly affected contact pressure at the near side of the old one.

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Rock mass rating

Rock Mass Rating presents some difficulties when applied to rock slopes, since the parameter that take into account the influence of the discotinuities orientation is introduced in detail for dam foundations and tunnels but not for slopes [4]. Based on the results obtained, it was observed that as the compressibility ratio, c, and spacing between tunnels decreased, the interaction effect between tunnels increased.

This reflects the idea that, at high RMR, deformations will be dominated by intact modulus, whereas at lower RMR weathering and joint infilling will largely control deformation. Otz, James Hassett, Ines Otz.

A note on tunnel support guidelines: Geotechnical engineering Rock mass classification. For convenience in tunnel design, three charts are included which are commonly used to estimate these essential rock mass properties:

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