“Stay close, stay safe.” Contents[show] Class Summary Having a profound mastery in enchantment magic, a Chanter benefits a group greatly by boosting. My chanter is lvl 73 at this moment, I try to focus PvP. You can be dps, but with support build of stigmas to increase dps of others. Chanter is. Chanter DPS Guide – PVP / PVE 1. Manastones 2. Recovery Spell [ best heal a chanter has, low CD, low cast time] 2. Protective Ward.

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The Ultimate Introduction to Chanters [PVE, PVP] – Classes Discussion – Aion Online

Upon completing this quest it will ask you what path you want i. Remove Illusion with an AAC’ed meteor strike. You’ll most likely be able take the damage without dieing and will have the pot kept if he uses sleep arrow, especially if you could manage to use PWard before. Sign In Sign Up.

An example of this cheap gear: It’s obviously a waste after a certain point. Note that Chanters themselves do not care or really want this buff: Priest is a base class and has nothing to do with the branch classes Chanter, Cleric, ect. Chanters offer a wide array of skills that offer party members with defensive and offensive buffs, mantras which passively increase stats to party members, bring strong burst and single target heals for party members, and bring enough damage to the table themselves when going into melee range and smacking things.

Promise of Earth just gives an attackspeed debuff which is pottable, but you already have hallowed strike which is not pottable and can be used non-stop. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. The chanter has some healing ability, just like how the Cleric has some buffing ability, but their proficiencies are fairly drastic.


And yes, I’m aware low budget strike resist can hit that number.

If you try to stumble a target make sure he’s not stumbled yet. It is important to remember that you can NOT become a branch class aoin level 9 and until you finish the ascension quest.

The removeshock stun is really reliable, you can use it if the enemy does not have RS anymore and you’re sure that you won’t get killed by a stunlock.

Archon Commander’s Corundum Set 4. Splash Swing [ high damage skill] 7. Chanter Wiki Aion Source: Annhilation [ Skill Chain, the last hit stuns] My name is Yec from Siel Elyos. So buffs and debuffs. I feel triggered by the use of the “Vision” word, but other than that, really nice guide.

Therefore that is the amount of MA you should try to reach. Mantras – Buffs that effect everyone in the group if they are within a certain range of the Chanter.

Instantly recovers HP of a target within 25m radius and then recovers HP every 2 sec for 6 sec. I love reading guide for chanters, it makes me thinking of the awesomeness of this guive.

The Chanter also has attack speed debuffs putting you right at home on the front lines and easing the drain on the cleric. Great guide; thanks for posting. If they are not strike resist, then it’s completely overkill as people have enough crit strike from gear to be crit capped.

If the sorcs pops vaizel and even better also illusion at the beginning of the dhanter, try to run straight away until those buffs are gone.


DPS chanter?

SR is a good baseline chantwr a cheap and effective melee defensive set but not the endgoal. You’re already a semi-tank who becomes slightly stronger when people attack you, so there’s no reason for a group to focus you and no reason for you to sit in a defensive set.

All times are GMT. Even a low budget Strike Resist set can reach 1.

[Guide] Chanter DPS Guide ( PVP / PVE ) – Aion Guides, Tutorials – Games Research Community

It’s delayed and his cc will get through though. Is it worth it? So aetheric is even better. Pward can safe you from high break powers and also gives stumble resist, aka can safe you from swordstorm etc.

Posted August 31, Soul lock [ damage skill, disables the enemy to use physical attacks, 25m range, can only be used if the enemy is stunned or kd’ed] My stigma build Results 1 to 1 of 1.

Unlike other pure DPS classes, Chanters can fill both the support role.

Inflicts – physical damage on a target. The post was edited chanteer time, last by t0re Feb 14th1: You can use your RS-Chain skills all the time, clerics have 1 stun only.

Chanters are able to specialize in one of 3 ways: Celerity Mantra[ Movement Speed] 3. Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google Plus 0 Reddit 0. If he CC you, try to pop up a recovery spell before.