Implementation of the COTIF and European law that has an impact . COTIF UR CIM, Appendix B to. COTIF. General Terms and. The Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail is an intergovernmental COTIF was modified by a Protocol that was signed in Vilnius on 3 June These systems of law have been in existence for decades and are known as the CIV (for passengers) and CIM (for freight/goods) Uniform Rules. A /, 24 Aug , CIM list of railway lines (Article 24 ยง 2 of COTIF , published ), Circular A /, 03 Aug , CIM.

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Web editors at Faculty of Law. The Tribunal shall determine in its award the amount of costs and expenses and shall decide how they and the fees of the arbitrators are to be apportioned between the parties. If a Member State formulates coif objection against a decision of the Revision Committee within the period of four months and it denounces the Convention, the denunciation shall take effect on the date provided for the entry into force of that decision. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

When a dispute xotif between a Member State and the Depositary about the performance of his functions, the Depositary or the Member State concerned must bring the question to the attention of the other Member States or, if appropriate, submit it for resolution by the Administrative Committee.

Ratifications as of May Number of ratifications: The Secretary General shall immediately bring to the notice of the Member States proposals aiming to modify the Convention, which have been sent to him by the Member States or which he has prepared himself.

Furthermore, reservations as well as declarations not to apply certain provisions of the Convention itself or of its Appendices shall only be allowed if such reservations and declarations are expressly provided for by the provisions themselves. The Cotof Committee shall determine the attributions of the Organisation concerning a.


Such a service or line shall cease to be subject to the provisions of the Convention on the expiration of three months running from the date of the notification of the deletion by the Secretary General, save in respect of carriage underway which must be finished.

The Arbitration Tribunal shall be composed of one, three or five arbitrators in accordance with the agreement to refer to arbitration. The substance of cotir is said during a meeting in one of the working languages shall be translated into the other working languages; proposals and decisions shall be translated in full.

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Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail

The commencement of arbitration proceedings shall have the same effect, as regards the interruption of periods of limitation, as that attributed by the applicable provisions of substantive law to the institution of an action in the ordinary courts or tribunals.

If the agreement vim refer to arbitration provides for a sole arbitrator, he shall be selected by mutual agreement between the parties.

In his report on the financial transactions, the Auditor shall mention: The General Assembly may decide upon a dissolution of the Organisation and the possible transfer of its attributions to another intergovernmental organisation laying down, where appropriate, with that organisation the conditions of this cm. The General Assembly shall: The working languages of the Organisation shall be English, French and German.

In his report on the financial transactions, the Auditor shall mention:. Organisation intergouvernementale pour les Transports Internationaux Ferroviaires ; OTIFis an intergovernmental organisation that governs international rail transport.

The fees of the arbitrators shall be determined by the Secretary General.

A proposal shall be adopted if the number of votes in favour is: Article 36 Depositary 1. Article 17 Revision Committee 1.


The Organisation, members of its staff, experts called in by it and representatives of Member States shall enjoy such privileges and immunities as are necessary to discharge their duties, subject to the conditions laid down in the Protocol on the Privileges and Immunities of the Organisation, annexed to the Convention.


The conditions of that accession shall be defined in an agreement concluded between the Organisation and the regional organisation. Judgments pronounced by the competent court or tribunal pursuant to the provisions of the Convention after trial or by default shall, when they have become enforceable under the law applied by that court or tribunal, become enforceable in each of the other Member States on completion of the formalities required in the State where enforcement is to take place.

The regional organisation may exercise the rights enjoyed by its members by virtue of the Convention to the extent that they cover matters for which it is competent. Any Member State which wishes to denounce the Convention shall so inform the Depositary. The Committee may, within the limits of its own responsibilities, instruct the Chairman to carry out certain specific tasks. Retrieved from ” https: The agreement to refer to arbitration must be communicated to the Secretary General who shall act as Registrar.

The Auditor shall have unrestricted access, at any time, to all ledgers, accounts, accounting documents and other information which he considers needful. Registrar The Parties shall conclude an agreement to refer to arbitration, which shall, in particular, specify:. Article 25 Work programme – Budget – Accounts – Management report 1.

Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail – Wikipedia

Article cootif Unit of account 1. Since September the membership of Iraq and Lebanon have been suspended until international railway traffic with these countries is restored.

The Secretary General shall be the Depositary of this Convention. Suspension of membership shall have as a consequence: