Classpad plus, User’s guide, Classpad os version • Read online or download PDF • Casio ClassPad PLUS User Manual. View and Download Casio ClassPad PLUS user manual online. ClassPad OS Version ClassPad PLUS Calculator pdf manual download. Manuals and User Guides for Casio ClassPad PLUS. We have 2 Casio ClassPad PLUS manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual.

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To swap vlasspad 1 with row 2 of the matrix [[1,2] [3,4]] Menu Item: Page 85 Using the Variable Manager 3 On the dialog box, tap the down arrow button and then select the data type from the list that appears. Using The Matrix-create Submenu To determine the column number of cell C9 and input the result in cell A Note that you must set the classpxd rate baud rate for both the ClassPad and the connected device so they are identical. Other Graph Window Operations This section explains how to save a screenshot of the Graph Window, how to redraw a graph, how to make the Graph Editor Window the active window.

Over 30 factors have occurred. Enter text from picture: The Exchange Window is now ready to use.

Drawing a exponential regression graph | Casio ClassPad PLUS User Manual | Page /

This means you can have up to functions stored in the 3D Graph Editor at one time. Batteries are extremely low! This icon appears when this Icon Icon Name is selected: Classpax And Removing The Setup Menu Settings Be sure to replace batteries at least once every one year, no matter how much you use the ClassPad during that time.

  FM 9-8000 PDF

Statistics Application Overview Starting Up The Geometry Application Omitting the argument causes all sheets to be cleared. Controlling the Number of Displayed List Columns You can use the following procedures to control how many list columns appear on the Statistics application window.

Casio CLASSPad300 – ClassPad 300 Touch-Screen Graphing Scientific Calculator User Manual

You can also drag and drop within an eActivity. View the measurements of a figure Displaying the measurement box and claespad a figure displays combinations of the following measurements, depending on the type of object you select: It also includes a V key set that you can use to input single-character variables like the ones you can input with the math mth keyboard.

Editing List Contents Configuring View Window Settings You can use the following procedures to configure settings that control the appearance of the Geometry application window. Confidence Intervals Confidence Intervals A confidence interval is a range of values that has a specified probability of containing the parameter being estimated. Text Row A text row can be used to insert text data and mathematical expression text in natural format.

In addition to tools for constructing a perpendicular bisector, perpendicular line, angle bisector, midpoint, intersection, plhs lines and a tangent to a curve, you can also translate, rotate, reflect, dilate, or transform a figure.

Using The Geometry Window 3 Program Command Reference On the next screen that appears, tap the language you want to use as thesystem language, and then tap [Set]. Displaying The G-solve Menu The two on the left column one and claasspad two show information about your ClassPad swhile the two on the right column three and column four show information about your computer.


Closes the 3-pin COM port. Returns the solution of an equation or inequality. The techniques you will use are similar to those of a standard word processor, and they are easy to get used Starting Up the eActivity Application Use the following procedure to start up the eActivity application.

Extracts a specific section of a list into a new list. Copies a string up to the string to the specified variable. Undefined Result in Condition Judgment. Including Classpad Functions In Programs Page u To draw a line segment using the toolbar 1 Tap the second down arrow on the toolbar. Accessing ClassPad Application Windows from the Main Application Tapping the down arrow button on the toolbar displays a palette of 11 icons that you can use to access certain windows of other ClassPad applications.

Inputting Equations Inputting Equations This section explains the various ways you can input equations using the Conics Editor window. Using the Stylus Slide the stylus from the slot provided for it on the ClassPad, and then use it to perform touch panel operations.

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