Dario Fo’s Accidental Death of an Anarchist () responds to events unfolding in Italy in the late s and early s. Generally, it looks at police corruption. We tend to associate political theatre with the glum and the strident. But Dario Fo’ s Accidental Death of an Anarchist, which Belt and Braces are. Writers: Dario Fo (play), Gavin Richards (adaptation) Gavin Richards in The Accidental Death of an Anarchist () Add Image · See all 2 photos». Edit.

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As in the case of Sports Jacket, the Maniac succeeds in tricking the Superintendent into incriminating himself. Burglar picks up phone. The effect of such acting is jarring, uncomfortable, which is to say, again, that no audience member is likely to sit back in his or her chair and be absorbed into the world of the play. The inspector questioning him Bertozzo decides to let him go, however, because the Maniac’s fast talking is just too much to bear.

In this conversation, the Maniac learns that a judge is being sent to ask questions about an anarchist suspect who died while being interrogated. Still, Fo knows that the one who tells the story has the power, and handing control of the story over to a madman is not a wise choice—as the police discover when the Maniac begins to support the reporter’s suggestion that there are obvious contradictions in the police report on the anarchist’s death. Americans writing about theatre have been pronouncing Dario Fo’s work extraordinary, whether for performance or political reasons, or for both.

Another said it was a choice having to do more with sociology than with literature. The newspaper Lotta Continua “The Struggle Continues”under the brilliant editorship of Adriano Sofri, printed a number of damning exposes and nailed Superintendent Calabresi as the murderer and fascist and perjurer that he undoubtedly was. Nonetheless, agents whose goal was to alarm the public committed a number of these acts so that voters would hesitate to enact any real political change in the fear that too much change at the governmental level would only further destabilize the country.


According to police statements, he had thrown himself from a window while being interrogated.

The Accidental Death of an Anarchist (TV Movie ) – IMDb

In essence, he interrogates them. Sports Jacket is the policeman who, early in the play, calls Inspector Bertozzo’s office and ends up having a conversation with the Maniac. In June ofFo and Rame married; they have three children.

A sharp and hilarious satire on cario corruption, it concerns the case of an anarchist railway worker who, in’fell’ to his death from a police headquarters window. Alan Horrox deatn, Gavin Richards. The failure, for example, of Eduardo’s Saturday, Sunday and Monday in Broadway production despite its huge British success in seems to have been a virtual blueprint for Fo’s British-American experience with Accidental Death of an Anarchist. He wants to stay, he says, to help them manage the Journalist’s questions.

He is as beloved and respected by some as he is detested and feared by others, such as those who disagree with him politically. The Maniac, at the play’s end, reveals that he has been recording anatchist entire proceeding and threatens to send copies to the media, the political parties, and the government. Even more specifically, the Maniac represents a dishonest interrogator, a policeman whose questioning amounts to coercion, entrapment, and abuse.

The pungent satire and exaggerated low condition of the peasant’s birth were designed to show the factory workers watching Fo how they lose control of their lives by accepting their bosses’ stories, their oppressors’ view of the world.

The adapter may aspire to be a co-creater, and perhaps it is helpful to view his work as the equivalent of the musical variation on a theme rather than as an operation of finding linguistic equivalences. Throughout, real facts and statements from the historical inquest and actual newspaper interviews are used.


It’s called ‘histrionomania’—comes from the Latin histrionesmeaning ‘actor. The goal of most playwrights and theatrical directors is to create an airtight illusion: This direct address bridges the fourth wall, reminding viewers that a play calling for their evaluation is being performed.

Accidental Death of an Anarchist

At the start you served a useful function: The Maniac then pokes his head back into fo room and, seeing that it is empty, enters and begins rifling through papers he sees on the inspector’s desk. The Maniac’s flip-flop of point of view and statement achieves much the same effect as his impersonations do.

Fo the actor is the best translator of Fo the author, but in his absence the job has to be done by someone else. For example, the Maniac recites accieental in his speeches, imparting legal savvy to the audience.

Politicians who were voted into Italy’s parliament in the s and s had much to answer for. At the root of Fo’s world view is the idea that poor people’s lives are controlled by the rich and powerful, who have stolen the downtrodden’s culture. In “Moralita del cieco e dello zoppo” Morality of the Blind and the Lamedeatg example, neither accidenyal Blind nor the Lame wants to run into Christ, for fear that He might perform miracles on them and remove their income-producing afflictions.

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