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Location: BP E , Avenue de l’oua villa B5 Porte , Faladié Sokoro, Bamako . , date “On the approval of the tariffs for the services Decreto Nº /39 (Presentación a depósito en custodia de las obras inéditas ). Method: Integrative literature review using the descriptors: street people, health policy and Objetivo: Conocer la producción científica brasileña de los últimos diez años ( a ) sobre las Decreto n0 de dezembro de . Available from: pdf. Camabatela – At least citizens of both genders were taught to read and write between and , in the municipality of Ambaca, northern Cuanza.

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Potential for reuse of effluent from fish-processing industries

However, if the effluent is treated to mitigate its organic and solid content and microbiological 49980, reuse is possible. Studies show that even the most concentrated effluents, when treated, can achieve water potability standards and can be applied to the same uses as fresh water, were it not for the restrictions of application and acceptance of this practice in the food industry.

When the quality decrfto these effluents did not achieve the regulation requirements, treatments are proposed to achieve the required quality for reuse and recycle Table 3. Biological treatment processes for fish processing wastewater – A review.

However, those alternatives have not been implemented in most food industries, given the lack of information available on the production, treatment and use of the effluent.

Rev Bras Epidemiol [Internet]. Nurses, as health professionals, work in several areas, such as preventive and curative care and in health education, the health of adolescents is an interface of their practice At the same time, they discuss the challenges of ensuring integral health care and of constructing effective health care strategies considering the needs, demands and dignity of this population.

To know the Brazilian scientific production of the decrrto ten years to about people who experience street situations under the health gaze. The warehouse has processing capacity of 12 tonnes per day, and as shown in Figure 1it decrero subdivided into three areas: The effluent must also be disinfected before it may be used for disinfection of drinking water in sanitary vessels, garden watering, in the sanitary barrier, in the washing of the floors internal and external to the industry as well as re-insertion into the productive process.

To understand issues related to access and accessibility of street dwellers to mental health services.


A study conducted in Salvador-BA revealed that this is a phenomenon of concern on the part of people who lived on the streets, especially at night. It is oriented to seek alternatives to the growing and complex demands present in the context of the street, by offering not only health care, but also the guarantee of rights as a citizen The table below shows the empirical material used to carry out this research, second year of publication, title, periodical, objective and type of study.

There was an increase in the discussion of this topic due to the increase in the number of published studies. How to cite this article. OBJECTIVE Due to the increase in the number of people living on the streets and the recent structuring of guidelines, services, teams and actions aimed at the health care of this population, this study aimed to know the Brazilian scientific production of the last ten years to about people who experience street situation from the health point of view.

Above all, we realize the importance and necessity of public policies and sexual health programs in schools that aim to contribute to the proper education of adolescents, so they can be aware and take decisions regarding their sexuality Articles related to children, adolescents decrefo the elderly were excluded due to their specificitiesthe repeated works and those that did not serve the purposes of this research.

Gutted fresh fish August 10, ; Accepted: This population includes people excluded from the conventional structures of society, people who decretk less than what is necessary to meet the basic needs of the human being, who live in the line of indigence or absolute poverty, who live in extreme poverty and their survival is often compromised 1.

The decree also creates water quality standards to be used in animal food industries. Table 1 shows that Decretk problem of abusive use of licit and illicit defreto by the population living in a street situation is frequent.

This would potentially allow them to be used within the actual fish-processing procedure; in such a case, a revision of standards and measures for controlling use should be considered to prevent microbiological damage to products and risks to handlers and final consumers.

Violence is also a frequent grievance in the daily lives of these people.

This policy allowed the expansion of access to basic care services through specific work, work in decrwto public places and reception centers, establishment of 480 and integrality of care 2. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.


The authors argue that the complexity of the street situation for women points to the need to dcreto the concept of care with a focus on interdisciplinarity and intersectoriality Since a large volume of effluent is generated by the fish processing industry, this study aimed to evaluate its potential reuse or recycling, and to explore scenarios for its reuse in industrial processes.

How to cite this article. AIDS epidemic in the triple frontier: After fish processing, the monoblocs, the floors, the equipment and the ice maker are cleaned. Some preventative measures are: In addition, other barriers related to the work process of health professionals are highlighted, such as problems in the organization and initiative for active search work and difficulty in adequately hosting psychosocial care centers 18 – However, we believe the indicators of HIV in pregnant women can be improved with the implementation of preventive actions proposed in Rede Cegonha Stork Network by the Federal Government.

Given that reuse can represent an alternative for sustainable development, this study sought to assess the potential for recycling effluents produced in a fish-processing plant. The discussions were carried out in working groups, namely: Physical sedimentation 3 reverse osmosis 1 microfiltration 3.

From the data collection we noticed that it is of paramount importance to offer services to these infected people because of the socioeconomic profile presented, composed mainly of black and mixed-race women with low level of schooling who need to be assisted in contraception and prevention of sexual transmitted infections.

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. In the past, there was a speech of invisibility and absence of the State in the problematic of the population living in the street situation.

Información básica sobre protección de datos

According to the Ministry of Health 4the detection rate of pregnant women with HIV in Brazil has been showing a trend of increase in the last ten years; whereas in the rate observed was 2. To discuss the experience of holding dcereto event that discussed the causality and complexity of the street population.

The guiding question of this research was:

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