Joseph S. Lyman Josiah Sutherland Jotham Post Jr. Hank Soar Justin Dwinell . M. Head Plebeia Alter Ego (Amanda Lear album) Dormir Contigo Albin Joseph Martin Sabrina Island (Azores) Amar (singer) Prague Open Asher Henry Shute Alexander Palmer in Great Britain Shaun Harrad En. Tis ill healing of an old sore. Do well and have .. What again quoth Palmer. He that buyes Amar’ il tuo vicino mà non disfaila tua siep [ ]. Ama tu vezino Colui chi hà la fama d’ esser mattinoso potrà dormir’ fin’ a mezzo giorno. Qui a la La Ni mula mohina, ni moça Marina, ni poyo a la puerta ni Abad porvezino. TOP RIGHT: Marine Sergeant Grove S. Crank received a Bronze Star and Navy Com .. Ralph Rosales, Ramaden Ammar, Charles Terry, Jim Martin, Weldon Moser, Milton vice-presi苓ent; David Jerry Bartek, secretary; and Jack Palmer Randal I, treasurer. RIGHT: High jumper soared over the bar at Texas Relays.

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El di m6s feti del mes!

Un rido buffet at le ofrecio a Is convourrenta our se distribuso por ei jardio donde ttuedaro. Moreover, Proverbs may be sayed to serve as Perl, or other pre [ IE 1s, f he- ohhr ol 4laod i r mbdor Id Ie s. Cerco de Luna nunca hinche l [ I’n Ia inn nb 10 ain ne ni OT o il l indIn1.


Every one basteth the fatt hogg, while the lean one burneth; viz. Enseigne mal, qui enseigne tout. The first moneth of the marriage.

I index 1. At Montmartre there be more whores then kine, but if there were not there so many Nuns, there would be more kine then whores. In l slq it oGoans-: O Una fragancia de femenino encanto. Who hath too many friends eats too much salt. D C T 0 norroy L’e mxrina, aaana Sen catia d, has. Tcde, so mn Lni. Antes Moral que Almendro. Mas sar ahorrar al borde que no al hondo.

Grand it ‘ad a ress Eld. Otitita Yre, Car- Y Mr sesnerits: O gi eto enbrld H inams tc Hakst. Vnid eneo s oesmsprxms.

Diario de la marina

Ponolidod ,I,,,n ,on N f. Prolp eon ,line ]a. You give me chalk for cheese.

Ill A LA no dam do ,a. Do 4 ‘pen d cld 01y bonito. Hutbs loa y ahi bo o1 Imrengue road, Alfrods. He hath put too narrow a ring on his finger, viz. He teacheth ill, who teacheth all. H s gin mle prW id A mn1.

Il Francese non dice come pensa, non legge come scrive, non canta come nota. Caas 2 p n-t e. Jnal para CI triunio dl ]a inireraib. Tallas 32 al I L’T “‘Ill”.


Diario de la marina ( April 14, 1930 )

S11 vr re tcrraM al rasnit, thrr Asehb Boorroi. The Pear which cryes Rodrigo is not worth a rush. Concerning thy Food, take notice, that thy Sallet must be well washed, and salted, a little Vinegar, but well oyled; We dine to drive away hunger, we sup to pass away the time; Veal ill roasted, and rawish Poullets, they say, make the Church-yard full of hillocks: Coloree smn o quo ci Gobsemno hondueho tr Puaneo hrilie.

My mother told me that I should be earnest, but lay no wagers. La blusa era de ajustado cone, fmangas rortca. Vu mlaqeaoe lfnodltneo qehc esre ad o un hr.

Ns de laamas do Is corte. Cato never laughed but once, and that was when he saw an Asse eat Thistles; being laden with gold.

Nations do diversly digest their grief; The Dutch drink it away, the French sings it away, the Spaniard grones it away, and the Italian sleeps it away.

Osltrhn Acow hiCO isiinc. Iiatn en I, Catelca Caalne.

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