Lacey Reah has worked as a teacher, a fitness and yoga guru, a healer, an actress and a writer. She has traveled the globe, living in major. Fireflies. Book review by Sarah Hayes. Linda had everything going for her: a loving boyfriend and a life that seemed perfect. That is, until the. Fireflies By Lacey Reah – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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More please, and I don’t just mean in this genre. I am, unfortunately, an extremely fast reader, and I read this book much too quickly. Sally Bend on Oct. Sep 11, Snott rated it liked it Shelves: Linda is a calculating, career-driven woman whose perfect world is shattered when she is seduced and transformed by a vampire-like creature called a nymphomite.

The fireflies are a metaphor for a woman’s sexual interest in other men or women, and, of course, the desire to feed, as the woman Linda meets has for her.

Danika reviews Fireflies by Lacey Reah

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Published first published January 11th Jul 23, Jennifer rated it feah was amazing Shelves: Convinced that her humanity has faded away, Linda adapts to her new instincts of hunger and sex.

Linda Lacey Reah’s Fireflies opens with the narrator, Linda, walking through Central Park, captivated by the fireflies that come out at night. There is a reason why the sex is involved. I hope to hear more from Lacey Reah.

If I had a problem it’s that it’s too short – I’d love to see it fleshed out, no pun intended, or see a sequel.


Danika reviews Fireflies by Lacey Reah | The Lesbrary

Readers of This Book Also Read. I had all these notes written down about Fireflies and I lost them! The story and characters have dimensions and layers that are generally unseen in the erotica genre.

It seemed like such a slender book, and I assumed an erotic tale about Nymphomite vampires would simply demand a quick, intense read.

Women, on the other hand, can maintain climaxes for long periods of time … women can provide sustenance.

Book Review: Fireflies by Lacey Reah

Linda becomes a beast, feeding off the energy of orgasmically-charged blood. The nymphomites live in the shadows, in the deeper rocks of the park, and at no point during their conversation does Linda get nervous or fearful as she is aware of her own strength, and so Natasha as she’s the one doing the wooing.

I thought it was well written, but it didn’t make me care about what happened to the people firfflies. Linda is a calculating, career-driven woman whose perfect world is shattered when she is seduced and transformed by a vampire-like creature called a nymphomite. Niteblade Fantasy and Horror Magazine. May 7, at 4: But she never expected to find a woman like Jesse, firfelies Linda’s decision to spare her life instead of feed off her leads to a shocking turn of events that will make Linda question her beastlike identity and the humanity she thought lacry had lost.

Fireflies 9781450281638 by Lacey Reah Paperback

Extremely wordy, not even the promise of sex could keep me reading. Skip to content I had all these notes written down about Fireflies and I lost them! My wife got me reading this book and I got into it right away. Oct 17, Nicole rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Wherever she went, she has taken the opportunity to track every key point of her life and document it.


Essentially a work of lesbian erotic, Fireflies is evocative and lushly detailed, the descriptions giving vivid life to this story of transformation, fureflies and longing. Seems like we might get a little PNR fun and sex out of the story? She feeds off of the energy of the victims blood that is orgasmically charged.

The sex scenes are a natural reaction for a vampire who needs to suck the blood of a woman who is at the height of climax. Funny, deep, violent, sexual. Positively he most entertaining book I’ve ever read. Account Options Sign in. Linda is pretty much doomed from the beginning, and by the second half of the story, you wish there was some way out for her, despite her easy adoption of her new bloody appetite.

To the newly nymphed Linda, every woman is a potential meal, another source of energy for survival — until she meets Jesse. Not a firflies read at all. It’s the only way for her to survive after being turned.

I became emotionally connected to Linda as she reflects on her life, her motivation, and her relationships. This is far from a simple stroke story. You can find my review here: This book was a pleasant surprise for me and a very satisfying adventure.

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