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  • Busoni: Music for Two Pianos: Fantasia Contrappuntistica & transcriptions
  • WavePad Free Audio Editor – Create Music and Sound Tracks with Audio Editing Tools and Effects [Download]
    Easily edit music and audio tracks with one of the many music editing tools available. Adjust levels with envelope, equalize, and other leveling options for optimal sound. Make your music more interesting with special effects, speed, duration, and voice adjustments. Use Batch Conversion, the NCH Sound Library, Text-To-Speech, and other helpful tools along the way. Create your own customized ringtone or burn directly to disc.
  • MixPad Multitrack Recording Software for Sound Mixing and Music Production [Download]
    Create audio productions within minutes of downloading with this powerful, yet easy-to-use software Mix an unlimited number of audio, music and voice tracks, record single or multiple tracks simultaneously All the power of professional mixing and recording equipment through a single platform Supports sample rates from 6 kHz to 96kHz, export at all popular bit depths up to 32 bits floating point audio Load any audio file and export to all popular audio formats from studio quality wav to high compression formats
  • SOUND FORGE Audio Studio – Version 14 – recording, audio editing, restoration and mastering in one. [PC Download]
    The all-in-one audio editor: Everything you need to record, edit, restore and master audio NEW! Instant Action window for faster workflow NEW! Windows context menu for easy task assignment New! quickFX with professional VST effects plug-ins NEW! Oscilloscope for signal visualization
    39.99 $ 59.99 $ -33%
  • MixPad Free Multitrack Recording Studio and Music Mixing Software [Download]
    Create a mix using audio, music and voice tracks and recordings. Customize your tracks with amazing effects and helpful editing tools. Use tools like the Beat Maker and Midi Creator. Work efficiently by using Bookmarks and tools like Effect Chain, which allow you to apply multiple effects at a time Use one of the many other NCH multimedia applications that are integrated with MixPad.
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  • Crescendo Music Notation Software for Mac for Music Score Writing and Composing [Download]
    Change the key signature and time signature, add whole, half, quarter, eight and sixteenth notes and rests (semibreve to semiquaver) Compose music in Treble, Bass or Alto Clefs, assign sharp, flat and natural accidentals to notes, keyboard shortcuts toggle between notes and rests Insert text to specify a title, tempo, dynamics or lyrics, drag notes to change their pitch or placement, copy, cut and paste measures to easily insert themes Add ties and slurs across notes, zoom in and out for easier editing, create dotted notes, chords, add repeats, and more, brace staves together to compose scores for ensembles Listen to your composition with MIDI playback, or export MIDI music files, print completed music projects or blank music sheets for hand transcription
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  • Otamatone "Neo 10th Anniversary Special Edition [Japanese Version] White - Japanese Electronic Musical Instrument Synthesizer
    10th Anniversary Special Edition Otamatone With Enhanced Stem Switch 3 Times More Sensitive And Wider Than Regular Otamatones To Enhance Your Musical Creativity And Performance Than Before !! BEST SELLING – One of Japan's best selling musical Instrument Portable Synthesizer toys! FUN & EASY TO PLAY - You can create different sound and pitch by pressing down on the stem switch of the Otamatone. By sliding down your finger up and down, you can create higher and lower tone. Otamatone's face is made out of soft rubber and by pushing its cheeks and by making his mouth open and close, the volume and the bass of the sound changes. ※Operates On AAA Batteries ×3 (Batteries Included)※ Body Size: Approx 10.6" (27 cm)
    39.99 $ 49.99 $ -20%
  • SOUND FORGE Audio Studio — Version 13— audio editing, recording, restoration and mastering in one. [PC Download]
    The all-in-one audio editor: everything you need to record, edit, restore and master audio NEW! Event tool for flexible and dynamic audio editing NEW! Customizable user interface with 4 selectable shade settings NEW! Editing for files with up to 6 channels Professional audio editing effects
    29.99 $ 59.99 $ -50%
  • Cover Recordable USB Sound Button, Own Your Personal Button by Uploading Audio Files/Support More Than 100 Recordings Playback USB Cable (Red+Silver)
    Repeat download and use. With USB port and 8MB memory, the recordable talking button support repeated download and use. Easy to Use. MP3 download, Connect USB cable, drag and drop the sound files, press top button to make the sound you like.Pls noted: when you connect USB cable, after drag and drop the sound files, pls disconnect USB cable, then press top button to play voice, if the USB cable is connecting, you press the button, it will can't not work. Wide Application. Usb sound button-Ideal as a gift for both adults and children, be teaching &learning tools, office use, home use, as many as you can imagine Battery powered. 2*AAA batteries required(including) Good sound quality and comfortable volume around 80db
  • MAGIX Acid Pro 10 [Download Card] - Loop-Based Music Production, Powerful Multitrack Recording, Creative DAW
    MAGIX ACID Pro 10 is a powerful 64-bit DAW that has ACID's famous innovative audio looping, powerful multitrack recording and hi-end audio and MIDI features, all set within an easy-to-use interface to help artists of all levels create their dreams. NEW! Play ACID like an instrument. The all-new MIDI Playable Chopper lets you split a file into beats and samples and then play them, just like a classic MPC-style sampler. Or load up a bank of different sounds, play a complete tune in real time, and record everything as new audio events for instant remixing! More instruments, sounds and effects. ACID Pro 10 ships with some exceptional new instruments – synth fans, especially, will love the new Analog Synths 2 and Vita Lead Synth plug-ins. There is also a huge collection of ACIDized loops, with gigabytes of new material covering Hip Hop, Grime, House and Trap. System Requirements - Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 (64-bit operating system required)