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  • The Urantia Book (Part 1 and Part 2): The Central, Super, and Local Universe
  • The Urantia Book: New and Improved Ebook
  • The Urantia Book (Part 3): The History of Urantia [Earth]
  • The Urantia Book: Revealing the Mysteries of God, the Universe, World History, Jesus, and Ourselves
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  • The Urantia Book (Part 4): The Life and Teachings of Jesus
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  • The Urantia Book: Book Four, Vol I: The Life and Teachings of Jesus: New Edition, single column formatting, larger and easier to read fonts, cream paper
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  • Subliminal Urantia Book Mastery
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  • BMV Quantum Subliminal CD Urantia Book Mastery (Ultrasonic Metaphysical Series)
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  • The Urantia Revelation: The Structure and Meaning of the Universe Explained, Third Edition
  • The Urantia Book: Book One, The Central and Superuniverses: New, easier to read format, single column printing, larger text, easier to read font and cream paper