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  • Joyce Meyer The Power of Words Action Plan: 4 Teachings on CD & DVD Workbook & Scripture Cards
  • Presidents & U.S. Government Audio CD with Printable Book by Rock 'N Learn
  • Blackstone Audio 9781504734417 Hunger - A Memoir of My Body Audio Book
  • Pro Tools LE 7.0: Beginner Level
    Designed To Take You Through a Full, Entry-Level Session 100 Minute Running Time
    20.00 $
  • WavePad Free Audio Editor – Create Music and Sound Tracks with Audio Editing Tools and Effects [Download]
    Easily edit music and audio tracks with one of the many music editing tools available. Adjust levels with envelope, equalize, and other leveling options for optimal sound. Make your music more interesting with special effects, speed, duration, and voice adjustments. Use Batch Conversion, the NCH Sound Library, Text-To-Speech, and other helpful tools along the way. Create your own customized ringtone or burn directly to disc.
    0.00 $
  • MixPad Free Multitrack Recording Studio and Music Mixing Software [Download]
    Create a mix using audio, music and voice tracks and recordings. Customize your tracks with amazing effects and helpful editing tools. Use tools like the Beat Maker and Midi Creator. Work efficiently by using Bookmarks and tools like Effect Chain, which allow you to apply multiple effects at a time Use one of the many other NCH multimedia applications that are integrated with MixPad.
    0.00 $
  • SOUND FORGE Audio Studio — Version 13— audio editing, recording, restoration and mastering in one. [PC Download]
    The all-in-one audio editor: everything you need to record, edit, restore and master audio NEW! Event tool for flexible and dynamic audio editing NEW! Customizable user interface with 4 selectable shade settings NEW! Editing for files with up to 6 channels Professional audio editing effects
    29.99 $ 59.99 $ -50%
  • Renegade Game Studios Bargain Quest Game for 2-6 Players Aged 8 & Up
    Save the town from a monster infection by supporting heroic adventures! Sell them the gear they will need to battle! Stay in business and grow your reputation as the best shop in town! Compete with 2-6 creative shopkeepers for 30-60 min. Designed for entrepreneurs ages 8 and older.
    34.63 $ 40.00 $ -13%
  • Topics Instant Immersion Learn to Speak Spanish Language (8 Audio CD Set with Phrasebook) Listen in Your car!
    8 Audio CD and Phrasebook set Audio: In-Depth Audio Instruction Your Passport to Language Fluency
  • Kaplan Early Learning Company Classic Stories Book & CDs - Set of 8
    This set consists of classic stories children will enjoy and sing along with as well! Perfect for the listening center or for a singing group activity. Children will develop their listening and retention skills as they remember the tunes. Set of 8.