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  • Hinds' Feet on High Places: The Beloved Story of Much-Afraid and Her Exciting Journey to the High Places
  • StrongTek Portable Slant Board, Adjustable Incline Boards, Calf Stretcher, Desk Foot Rest, Foot Stool, Anti Slip Design, Ankle Stretching, 4 Positions Calve Stretch Wedge (300LB Capacity) (Black)
    ✓ Reliable strength-enhancing equipment: This adjustable balance board helps to make your muscles more responsive during exercising; Helps you stretch properly and reduce the chance of injury. ✓ Demonstrated health benefits: Not only helpful to stretching before/after work out, but also beneficial to the body recovery from Achilles tendon injuries, shin splints, calf strains and other foot and ankle injuries and pain ✓ Anti-slippery design: Features a textured surface and a plastic/rubber lip for heels to protect you from slipping off. ✓ Very easy to carry on: A very popular alternative to the heavy wooden slant board, this light-weighted foot slant board is suitable and flexible for use in home, office, travel and indoor-outdoor exercise. It is fully assembled, ready to use out of the box. ✓ 100% 30-day money-back guarantee: Your satisfaction is our top priority! If you are not truly satisfied with your purchase, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund!
  • Sound Addicted - Studio Monitor Isolation Pads, Reduce Speaker Vibrations and Fits Most Stands - 2 Pair | SMPads
    SMPads are made out of the highest quality acoustical foam (50kg/m^3 density). 4’’ x 11.5’’ x 1.85’’ (W x D x H). Designed to hold up to 78 lb without changing the shape (4 PADS). Sized to fit all Studio Monitors from 5’’ to 12’’ including small and medium studio subwoofer’s. Designed with multiple configurations allowing you to move the monitor isolation pads into a versatile array of angles for the best sound quality. Every pack comes complete with 4 pads, 2 for each of your left and right speakers, larger monitors can be placed horizontally also can sustain small and medium subwoofer’s (78lb)
  • Hudson Hi-Fi Silicone Isolation Feet (4 Pack, Firm Block 150lb Capacity)
    REDUCE VIBRATION and RESONANCE. Absorbing up to 95.32% of vibration and resonance, Hudson Hi-Fi’s Isolation Feet offer an effective solution for optimizing the true sound of stereo equipment. Isolation Feet effectively reduce vibration for all sensitive equipment. PRECISION & CLARITY. Hudson Hi-Fi’s proprietary Platinum Silicone composite is designed to target sub and supersonic micro-vibrations to reduce resonance and further enhance sound. SPECIFICATIONS. Durometer 60 (Shore A) supports up to 150 LBS: Bottom Width is 1.2", Top Width .85", Height .675". Temperature resistance of -40 ~+240 Degrees Celsius. DURABLE & EASY TO INSTALL. Just place under your desired isolated component. Silicone preserves its form and does not deteriorate over time. Best of all, it leaves no black residue! No adhesive backing. Excellent for Isolating Speakers, Subwoofers, Turntables, and Other Audio Equipment from Vibrations. Tightens Bass, Improves Sound
    22.49 $
  • 8 PCS Black Speaker Spikes Floor Protectors Shoes Mats 5x25mm 24K Nickel Plated Isolation Stand Foot Cone Base Pads for Audio Turntable Speaker CD AMP
    - Quality Pure copper 24K black nickel plated with great finish. - Diameter: 25mm, thickness: 5mm. Bright, easy to use. - Reduce booming, protect floor surface from scratching. - Suitable for most of pointed spikes, Hi-Fi, speakers, turntables, computers, printers and other sensitive equipment. - Package included: 8 PCS Speaker Spike Isolation Stand Cone Base Pads
    14.99 $
  • 4 Set High-end Speaker Feet, Anti Vibration Absorber Isolation Pads,40×17mm Audio Amplifier Feet, Aluminum Feet for Hi-fi Devices
    ✔ Easy to Install ---- Just tuck the four speaker feet under the corners of the speaker or any other HI-FI device, No tools or adhesives required, so you'll never have to deal with loud noise and vibration again. ✔ Made of aluminum alloy which makes these amplifier feet durable, fadeless and hard to oxidize, increase the height of the amplifier for true stereo surround sound. ✔High quality material enables these 4 foot pieces to function for a long time. Helps to absorb shocks. Decouples loudspeakers audibly from the ground and prevents them from vibrating and droning ✔Prevents the transmission of unwanted vibrations from the loudspeaker boxes, noise killer, all hi-fi components are decoupled from low-frequency vibrations ✔The screw is fixed the amp and the pads ,under your amp feet,there will be 4 screw female sockets,it is for these screws
    13.99 $
  • qiguch66 Portable Slant Board, Adjustable Incline Boards, Calf Stretcher, Desk Foot Rest, Foot Stool, Anti Slip Design, Ankle Stretching, 4 Positions Calve Stretch Wedge Black
    ⭐ABS environmentally friendly material, tasteless, durable and corrosion resistant, easy to clean and not deformed. ⭐Non-slip design: textured surface to prevent slipping. ⭐4-position adjustment helps to make your muscles more sensitive during exercise, helping you to stretch properly and reduce the chance of injury. ⭐The calf Stretcher also contributes to the recovery of X-shaped legs, O-legs, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendon injuries, calf strains and other ankle pains. ⭐The calf stretcher are suitable for home, office, travel and indoor outdoor sports. Portable, easy to carry and use.
    24.53 $
  • 4 Pairs Speaker Spikes Base Pad with Sticker Kit, Subwoofer CD Audio Amplifier Turntable Isolation Stand Feet Cone Base Pads Stick-on Shockproof Mat with 3M Double-Sided Adhesive
    Designed with height fine-tuning balancing nut. Use gold-plated copper, high strength and durable. It can be put under the speaker and help to minimize the harmful vibration. Eliminate the pollution between the ground and the speaker, get the pure natural sound effect. Installation: You can use double-sided adhesive or glue to fix to the audio CD player machine. Package Included: 4 pcs speaker spike, 4 pcs base pad with 4 pcs sticker, can be used for HiFi speakers or speaker frame.
    21.49 $
  • Tuneful Cables Sorbothane Hemisphere Feet. Sound Isolation Pads for Turntable and Stereo Components Reduces Skipping Improves Sound (1" Pack of 4)
    PROTECT YOUR TURNTABLE FROM BAD VIBRATIONS. Tuneful Cables Sorbothane Hemisphere Isolation Pads for Turntables are made from a proprietary visco-elastic polymer that combines a number of sound improving properties not typically found in a single product. Sorbothane is recognized as the ultimate material for absorbing shock, isolating vibration, and damping noise and Tuneful Cables has put these sound saving properties to work in their Sorbothane Hemisphere Isolation Pads for Turntables. GET MORE FROM YOUR MUSIC. Tuneful Cables Sorbothane Hemisphere Isolation Pads for Turntables sit between your turntable and the surface it sits on providing shock absorption, vibration isolation, and noise damping qualities that improves overall system performance. With the Tuneful Cables Sorbothane Hemisphere Isolation Pads for Turntables in place, your music will sound as if someone sharpened the focus on the sound with improved bass definition, tighter transients, and increased dynamics. STOP SKIPPING! Tuneful Cables Sorbothane Hemisphere Isolation Pads for Turntables help eliminate the subtractive effect of unwanted resonances as well as the unwanted additive effects of floor-borne vibration which can produce noise and skips, giving you a clearer picture into the heart of your music. Floor-borne vibration is stopped dead in its tracks before it can turn your record player into a seismometer! WHAT'S INCLUDED. Included are 4 discreet 2” (diameter) Sorbothane Hemisphere Isolation Pads. Each Sorbothane Hemisphere Isolation Pad includes 3M adhesive on flat side. FITS MOST DEVICES. Each supporting pad fits under most HIFI systems. Perfect for Speakers, Subwoofers, Turntables, and Other Audio Equipment. To install, simply place one foot under each corner of your device for a more focused sound. Foot includes 3M adheasive on flat side. We reccomend placing something between the foot and the surface it's sitting on to protect the finish.
  • Wendry Aluminum Alloy Anti Vibration Amplifier Feet, 4PCS Speakers Stand Feet Shock Absorber Amplifier Pads Feet (208mm)(Black)
    Made of high-quality aluminium alloy, fadeless and not easy to oxidize. Amplifier feet to help absorb shock, to protect your amplifier. Rubber ring is detachable, very convenient and easy to use. Durable for a long-time use. To raise the height of amplifier to help create a real stereo surrounding sound.