Ieromonk Ghelasie Gheorghe: “Akathist of Repentance” (translation from Romanian by Alice Butnar). “The Transfiguration”, icon painting by. AVVA GHELASIE GHEORGHE This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and is not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic.

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He also wrote or edited several books on religion. Ghelasid formal sciences represented by mathematics and logic are using formal symbols as elementary unities of an artificial language vocabulary.

Many attempt a Christianity outside the Church. Hesychasm means Unification first with God, through which our Soul will then distinguish itself.

Florin Caragiu – English Corner

The Hesychastic Way is the same for all without discrimination. Christ is Eucharistic Liturgy. The great scientific discoveries have been often the fruit of some deep intuitions confirmed by empiric experiments and transcribed by the formal apparatus. Thus the reality of the soul was obscured, smothered and camouflaged and the subconscious arose. Father Ghelasie emphasizes thus the full accord and reciprocal affirmation in God of Person and Trinity.

I drink it in with the same thirst I bump into words, when the support withdraws and I bury your image in the garden for later, when abandonment no longer threatens it. The knower participates more profoundly to the object known and the double correspondence subject-object makes difficult if not impossible the reduction to an absolutely objective presentation. The striving to explain everything without recourse to the divine existence leads to paradoxes, to reasonings that enter in infinite cycles.

The contemporaneous language favors an understanding of the limits not as a strict limitation but as a humility factor [82] and an opening to dialogue resulting in an enlargement of the knowledge horizon. His approach is Christological, starting from the confession of the Gospel that God is love and can be known only through love. Moreover, Bakhtin rises the dialogism to the status of a fundamental principle: That is why Christianity begins with Receiving Christ, He then Accomplishing what we cannot accomplish.

Metaphorical texts are extremely difficult to translate by computers and it is not clear whether it will be much easier in the future.

Ghelasie comes back to the Trinitarian Arch model to affirm once more the holistic dialogical perspective of the mystical approach in which language surpasses in communion with God the discursive fragmentations and has access to being. Ghelasie attempts to bring the Orthodox mystical tradition up to date through an iconic vision, by returning from scholastic theology to biblical-patristic theology.


Consciousness is not a mirror in which one sees the light; it is just the source that delivers the light that makes possible the sight.

There are also cases in which the logic-mathematical apparatus is combined with certain principles of physics the fundamental principle of dynamics or thermodynamics to obtain an empiric-formal theory integrated ghelssie a conceptual system similar to the system of axioms from mathematics. It has taken the meaning as a not-temporal and impersonal reality, as something which could never be reached.

He affirmed also the pure arbitrary character of words, seen as signs, as form devoid of content. Moreover, it is extremely relevant that the interest for his view arises after many decades of positivist, structuralist and materialist approaches. The understanding of the natural language, spoken currently by the human beings, appears to be an essential subject in the artificial intelligence.

Finally, the heart is the centre of the integral union of the soul with God, as the spirit is the bearer of movement and energies. Nowadays more and more people, even those living in the world, wish for this Experience. Thinking separates the subject from the object and so gives birth to the language between subject and object, between parts of the whole.

Through its approach, science can bring ghelasoe evidence the presence of the deep logos of the world. He grasps as no one has until now the iconic character of Romanian spirituality as an un-confusable seal of Orthodox Tradition in general. Monologic languages admit no ambiguity.

Părintele Ghelasie Gheorghe de la Frăsinei: mai

vheorghe In this point, the scientific conception about the world is related with the religious truth. In spite of the efforts to catch and resume reality in the formal knowledge, the material world remains beyond all formal systems of rules. The Chalcedonian definition emphasizes the unity of humanity and divinity in Christ. As Mihailovich emphasizes, for Bakhtin the word goes beyond the dimension given usually in the linguistics of the XX-th century and becomes an embodied word: In the same time we indicate the growing non-reductive tendency in the sciences stimulated by the failure of the programmatic strivings to reduce language and consciousness to artificial intelligence.

This can be read also in terms of gheorgh revelatory distinction between language and thinking. The studied reality should be adapted to a certain kind of formalism, but the rules of a formal system cannot render accurately the world analyzed by such formalism.


They can be considered neither true nor false, because they do not respect the principle of verification. The quantum physics produced a veritable revolution in the epistemology of natural sciences. One extends thus in anthropology, building on Trinitarian and iconic foundations, the hesychast doctrine of St.

If usually theology was seen as a valid knowledge with respect to subjectivity and science had the authority in the domain of objectivity, the quantum mechanics has made possible the surpassing of this splitting. All that is not integral language between integral persons is a lower-order language of thinking that ghelasir no more mysticism.

We resume further the theo-anthropological view of Father Ghelasie presented in some of his fundamental works republished recently at Platytera Publishing House: In contrast to human language, formal languages have a principal recurrent role in computer science. The bureaucracy is indeed useful for many classes of complex problems because they eliminate the necessity of complex reasoning due to the existence of a repertoire of precise rules that are to be applied. This makes the language clearly distinct from thinking that is between parts or levels of the Self.

Language implies a Grammar-Logic in itself whereas thinking needs an instrumental logic, the reasoning. However, as every bureaucratic enterprise, the AI programs have the great handicap that they miss the feeling of implication [5], consciousness, understanding, empathy or, I would add, love for the neighbor.

The Trinitarian vision of God has an enormous impact on the understanding of a person, as a theologizing and philosophizing being, in created existence, which is hypostasized by God through an unrepeated an unique guelasie link of every person with God.

Regarding the principle of empiricism there have been two currents.

Florin Caragiu – English Corner

The mystery of the personal being-language is the mystery of the Christian hesychast mysticism. The Iconic Anthropology of Fr. Razvan Ionescu, second edition;The Eschatological Sense of Creation second edition;Science and Gbelasieco-authorstudies in different volumes and reviews. It is interesting to remind that this shift was realized by the patristic thought that affirmed an existential ontology in association with the theology of Trinity and the Creation from nothing through the Word.

Alice ButnarFr.

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