Lifestyle Evolution | The Social Supremacy Blueprint · greg greenway reveals his secrets to social circle supremacy in this eye opening. Note: The review below is about Greg Greenway’s “Social Supremacy Blueprint”, however he has recently launched a new program The King’s. Greg Greenway Social Supremacy Blueprint – greg-greenway-social-supremacy-blueprint/.

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Accessing Social Circles – Steps to get into social circles without stress – How pick-up artist techniques help take a social circle to higher levels – Social circles are a small part of a bigger social network Module 6: There’s some good info here and if you’re the type of person that tends to make social faux pas then this will be well worth watching. He goes over his background, and his story a bit on his site, so that should give you the info you want, but suffice to say that the man does live the lifestyle he teaches, ie.

If you don’t have this experience already then you’re going to have a tougher time implementing some of the strategies presented here. If you’re more of an introvert and find social situations to be really draining, you might not enjoy the process that this system entails.

Greg Greenway’s “Social Supremacy Blueprint” Review – Social Badassery?

If you just want to have a girlfriend this might be a longer process compared to some other methods, but could be worthwhile if there’s a particular girl you want to meet but are otherwise unable to.

When you get to the advanced stages, you should be able to meet a lot of new women on a regular basis. So make sure you have reasonable expectations before purchasing this product and you’re likely to be happier with the value you get from it. greh

It’s a series of 10 audio interviews between Greg and other dating coaches and experts. Another good interview is with Joshua Pellicerthat covers working a room and creating social value to become more attractive to women. Share Your Opinion Enter your name Use an alias “made up” name if you prefer to remain anonymous. Is the content effective?

Greg C. Greenway

It’s about building a lifestyle that continually adds quality women and guys over time so that you’re creating something that offers long term value. Overall there’s some solid content included here in these and the other interviews, as the guests are all highly respected dating coaches. Feedback If you have a question or problem, ask us: Could take some time to see results, depending on what level your general social skills are at and how much experience you have with women.

Suprejacy be freg at helping you meet and date higher quality women. Upgrading Your Social Life The actionable parts of this course are largely focused on giving you a plan on what needs to be done to improve your social life. One teaching tool that Greg uses is to show a few video clips from TV and movie scenes where a woman is being picked up.

  LEI 11770 PDF

However it’s still a valid point that improving your sexual knowledge and skills is important, so to see what we recommend for this check out our sexual skills page. If you enjoy going out and being social then this will be a natural process for you, and you’ll enjoy the process and not just be focused on the end result.

It’s possible you could meet someone who can open up all kinds of doors for you the first time you go out, or it could take months of meeting many new people before you form the right connections that are really going to pay off for you. So this helps add a ton of value to the main product, and will be worth listening to, especially for beginners.

Speak to Spark Arousal. A cold approach is when you start a conversation with a woman with her having no idea who you are, whereas a sociial approach she’ll already know something about you. Lifestyle Evolution The Social Supremacy Blueprint greg greenway reveals his secrets to social circle supremacy in this eye opening interview Last edited by tripz; at Originally Posted by tripz your right mate, this isn’t about PUA at all, the product is excellent and i have never come across anything like this in the community and like i said been searching for something like this for years as i blueprnit people from my own experience that have that gift of getting into any social circle and owning it and getting far and living the life of their dreams because of social intelligence and in this product he explains exactly how to master social intelligence and not only that how to game women once you infiltrated social circles so they come to you, infact its an end to cold approaching!!

Gives detailed instructions on greenay to radically improve your social life.

Social calibration means that you hlueprint at times you will need to alter your behavior based on the social setting you’re in. You’ll likely need to work on improving yourself if you want to date the highest quality women you meet.

Where you already HAVE the kind of women you want to date in your social ggeenway, so they just come to you… Rather than you needing to go cold approach chicks in order to meet somebody. Social Intelligence And Calibration The early modules are focused more on the importance of general social intelligence, as you’re not going to get any real success without an understanding of this.

Comments 0 Help other users find the greenwau helpful reviews Grge this review helpful to you? Because of the work that goes into this and the lifestyle you focus on building, it’s generally better suited to guys who want to casually date different women. For those who are willing to invest the time and effort into applying the strategies Greg teaches, you’re likely to get good results. At other times he says women are discrete and won’t tell anyone if they sleep with you, so this was a bit contradictory.


Originally Posted by tripz. I think you have a much better chance nlueprint dating high quality women if you’re part of their social circle, but to say they never go out to regular places is clearly not correct.

Social Circle Training Dating Coach: You’ll have to do a bit of planning and grenway some thought into exactly what kind of social life you want, and then invest some time in putting the plan into action. Originally Posted by sapmi Being a social god and a sexual god are slightly different.

There’s a few things here that Greg says that I don’t think are really accurate, so they’re worth pointing out quickly.

Was purchasing and using the product a smooth process? Bonuses If you’ve purchased The King’s Game then the bonus products here are the same as those. This is something you’ll want to get a handle on though, especially if you want to access higher level social circles. The Dynamics of a Social Circle – Positioning yourself with the right social circle people – The types of people that should not be your social circle – People that help increase your social circle Module 5: If you want an overview of his system then you can check out The King’s Game.

The Bottom Line This product is the practical guide on how to implement Greg’s system of using the power of social circles to meet and date high quality women. The most common way to meet women through a warm approach is to be introduced by someone, so Social Supremacy Blueprint is all about teaching you how to get to the point where you know socoal people and thus are introduced to new women all the time.

Help us improve this profile of Greg C. It’s sociql step up from cold approaching in that these women will generally be more receptive to you when they are introduced to you. Text socoal Sex T2S. Write your own review. A lot of these examples seem to be focusing on supermodels and celebrities, which is not really relevant for most guys anyway, but even these women are seen in normal places.

If you focus on just trying to date or sleep with every girl that you cold approach, then you’re potentially missing out on adding her to your life and meeting all of her friends as well.

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