Gry Garness liked a video 7 years ago. Gry Garness added to Favorites and liked 8 years ago From Gry Garness Beauty Retouching Techniques DVD. Gry Garness Retouching Video Tutorials. Welcome to the Gry Garness Photoshop Video Tutorials channel. You’ll find more than 18 hours of tightly edited. It is with sadness we report that Gry Garness, a retoucher and trainer many of our readers will be familiar with, lost her battle with lung cancer.

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I have a grry need to share my thoughts and experiences in my situation, and I hope I can give fresh perspective and a somewhat unusual approach to living and dying of lung cancer, especially as a relatively young person and a non-smoker.

I like her style but for the sake of discussion let’s assume we all find it disgusting. I really like the way she presents her tutorials. Preparing an Garjess for Output 44 min. It means they answer the need of their clients. Log in or register to post comments. She teaches methods that can be used for LARGE prints, not for people that think lossy flash youtube crap is important.

Digital Retouching by Gry Garness

I spent lots of time garnesz the darkroom throughout the nineties and early noughties, trying to create effects which later morphed into the digital version, after I one day traded a Photoshop lesson from old guru and old friend Maxwell Fergueson — for a haircut. Retouching with the Mixer Brush Tool in Photoshop. I’m suspending my Photoshop training due to illness, but check out my ebooks and videos instead.


Such people remind me of those who say garnexs dis tutorial is cool but I wuz distracted by the lady hehehehe ; “. You won’t find these on a torrent!

Gry Garness, Retoucher and Teacher Passes Away March 29, | Retouching Tutorials

I have arranged for my work to be well looked after in the future, so keep an eye on Eureka for any news. Countyhouse Graphics – September 9, Thats because beauty and cosmetic clients like their shots to look like this. The desired outcome you deem as good or the image you want to create is subjective but the technique should be treated in the gatness way as a carpenter and his tools–use the correct tools for the job.

Dorian Grays and now Columbia Road, London. It was a well-received experiment, and in I was even more surprised when vry retouching DVD became a huge success!

Remodelling a Figure in Photoshop 29 min. Unfortunately I feel like you have to be somewhat competent with the program to even understand how good her technique is, so it sucks to see these comments from such ignoramuses. Try find out more about the video channel or subscriptions check out the About the Retouching Video Tutorials page.

Pop The Highlights With Gry Garness

She sells a two disc DVD series full of beauty retouching tutorials on her website. By the way i prefer her approach a million times to that on the portrait professional software that you can see at the top of the thread!

These are ones and zeros. Mastering Pen Tool Paths in Photoshop 31 min.

Retouching Backgrounds 20 min. Her instructions are not about pleasing your illogical brain, they are about teaching a set of tools or a tool if you consider photoshop to be one tool.


ABOUT GRY – Gry Garness

I don’t get advertising. Domagoj Kunic – September 9, disaster Retouching Eyes 36 min. Now also new videos! Arm Hairs Quick Conceal 12 min. Changing Hair Color In Photoshop 11 min.

The e-books are my labour of love. Unfortunately I do not have the funds at the moment. This training ganess not for novice retouchers and it’s even quite advanced for those of intermediate level. Effective Selections in Photoshop 30 min. What all the people commenting are not even taking into consideration is that this is a Garbess video and therefore is not going to display the true detail of the retouching garmess it will instead appear to lack detail or look “plastic”. She also offers Photoshop training for people living in or willing to travel to London or Spain.

If she creates disgusting image after disgusting image but we learn a lot from how she creates these images, does it really matter what they look like?

To get full details of a tutorial or to watch a trailer simply click the video thumbnail. Many warm thanks to all those who have followed my work over the years! Gty Photoshop Layers Workflow 30 min.

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