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  • Educated: A Memoir
  • Wild Bird
  • Fuck Ya Life (Audible Doctor Skit) [feat. Jedi Mind Tricks] [Explicit]
  • Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
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  • ¡Ya supéralo! [Get Over It!]: Te adaptas, te amargas, o te vas [Do You Adapt, Become Bitter, or Leave]
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  • Dispara, yo ya estoy muerto [Shoot, I'm Already Dead]
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  • El fin del poder: Cómo el poder ya no es lo que era [The End of Power: How Power Is No Longer What It Was]
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  • Wackee Six - The Popular, Fun, Easy, Speed Card Game that’s a great Group or Family Card Game
    WACKEE WHAT: Wackee Six is an exciting, speed card game for anyone who likes to laugh, loves a good adrenaline rush and can be a team player. Wackee Six can be played with as few as 2 players or with 2 evenly numbered teams. The more people the wackier the game. A great kids card game, anyone who is 6 years or older is sure to have a great time. OBJECT OF THE GAME: To win of course. This is a speed card game. Be the first player or team to get the most points and call out Go Out or Wackee Six is declared the winner. This is far from a quiet Solitaire card game. This games gets really Wackee because nobody get a turn, everyone plays at the same time. HOW TO SCORE POINTS: This is done by playing out all 12 of the main cards you will have dealt to you at the beginning. While that is being done, you want to turn your remaining deck as fast as you can, and play as many cards onto the crazy piles in the middle of the table as you can. This is where most of your points will come from. PARTY FUN: Wackee Six is a great party card game. Not many card games or board games can be played by 12 players. Invite your friends, your significant other or the whole family over for a WACKEE good time. If you are a fast-paced board or card game lover you will love Wackee Six. Its an all play, all the time superfast and game full of excitement. WHATS INCLUDED: 6 decks of cards each with 2 WILD Cards and 52 cards numbered 1-13 in 4 different colored suits. An optional playing field mat is included in case you don't have a table.
    26.99 $ 34.99 $ -23%
  • Where Ya At [Explicit]
  • Delivering Evil for Experts: Guild Codex: Demonized, Book 4