Deciding and Parting. Display it in the King’s Chambers. There is a connection to the spirits that will carry you through. Cry out even in adversity. This decree. 43 — Resoluteness — HEXAGRAM NUMBER FORTY-THREE –. RESOLUTENESS. Other titles: Break-through, The Symbol of Decision, Resolution. Hexagram 43 is called 夬, guai, which is generally understood to mean’decision’ or ‘resoluteness’ or ‘breakthrough’. The oldest forms of the.

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The mountain goat runs quickly! Although he is misunderstood and maligned by the multitude, there will be no blame in the end. Center not-yet shining indeed.

43: Determination

In overcoming this difficulty, you may temporarily align yourself with it. There wasn’t much behind it, just sort of a habit she developed. Do not keep pushing on blindly. In the short term, this might make things easier, but not in the end.

This line joins with Hexagram 28, Great Exceeding. Spirit Helpers Lake over Hexwgrama. You are alone without allies in a vulnerable position or questionable endeavor.


James DeKorne’s Official Website – The Gnostic Book of Changes – Hexagram 43

Please select the chapter or hexagram below! Complementary hexagram 23 – Erosion A decline that can be contained by hezagrama on one’s reserves. Changes to 5 Nourishment While Waiting. Failure to heed good advice when confronting antagonistic forces is bound to lead to failure.

He is not in the place appropriate to him. There is no crying out; in the winter there is inauspiciousness. Do not focus on adorning your personal life with beauty Step 5 Outer Center: Forum Shared Readings Hexagram 43 for relationship potential. One of the most difficult lessons we learn in life is how to balance a resolute attitude of Determination with the openness required to keep growing. Journey through the lines The line texts of 43, true to its sense of direction and momentum, tell a story.

I Ching Hexagram #43:

Balanced action is faultless, but balance is not yet obvious. Changes to 34 Great Power.

Psychologically, the idea is clear enough: Gareth Knight — Qabalistic Symbolism A. This hexagram symbolizes a marshy lake being drawn sucked towards the sky. The line can be a warning to prepare yourself against approaching stress. Be optimistic, but be careful. Walking alone, he encounters rain and gets wet. If we are determined to see our success manifest, this commitment to vision is often all that is needed to obtain our desires. Because one has attained balance.


If you hdxagrama tried one yet, click here to try a free I Ching reading now. I Ching reading service — Individual help through Yijing readings: Youngest Daughter and Father, the Mediator and the Creator, are awakening inner ideas that break through into decisive words.

If he would lead away the sheep, there will be no regret; but he does not trust what he hears.

The foreboding of having no one to call for help will come before long. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Hi Dirk, Hex 43 is about ousting a dark hexagram the yin line at the top that is spoiling things. This decree comes from the capitol.

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