The Refutation of All Heresies [Hippolytus of Rome] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hippolytus of Rome ( – AD) was the most. Philosophumena; or, The refutation of all heresies, formerly attributed to Origen, but now to Hippolytus, bishop and martyr, who flourished about. Full text of “Philosophumena; or, The refutation of all heresies, formerly attributed to Origen, but now to Hippolytus, bishop and martyr, who flourished about

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And like Empedocles he said that every place of ours was filled with evil things, and that these come as far as the moon extending from the place surrounding the earth, but go no further, since the whole place above the moon is very pure. The volume, however, inscribed “Baruch,” is pre-eminently to them the one in herssies the reader will ascertain the entire explanation of their legendary system to be contained.

For a regulation with them is, that an individual coming forward to join the sect must sell his possessions, and present the price of them to the community. A worm, and not a man; a reproach of man, and an outcast of the people; himself is the King of glory, and powerful in war.

Hippolytus of Rome

First and Heesies Apologies. We may next conjecture that, after the greater part of his book was written, chance threw in his way the documents belonging to the Naassene and other Ophite sects, which went back to the earliest days of Christianity and were probably in Hippolytus’ time on the verge of extinction.

Now they maintain that those who have abrogated matrimony commit some terrible offence, which is for the destruction of life, and that they ought not to cut off the succession of children; far, that if all entertained this opinion, the entire race of men would easily be exterminated.

Now the governor was persuaded, and liberated Callistus also. Next in order we shall elucidate the feeble opinions advanced by these.

But he says that happiness is likeness to God as far as possible. If this were so, we might be prepared to take Photius’ description as not necessarily hipoplytus in every detail j yet, as we have it, it is almost a perfect description of our text.

Refutation of All Heresies – Wikipedia

And Democritus was an acquaintance of Leucippus. The dialecticians are Aristotle, pupil of Plato and the founder of dialectics, and the Stoics Chrysippus and Zeno.

Many of the Ionian ideas about physics doubtless come from the same source. Thus, in his account of the tenets of the philoso- phers, he repeatedly alters or misunderstands his authorities, as when he says that Thales supposed water to be the end as it had been the beginning of the Universe, 3 or that “Zaratas,” as he calls Zoroaster, said that light was the father and darkness the mother of beings, 4 which statements are directly at variance with what we know otherwise of the opinions of these teachers.

Natural philosophy lasted then from Thales up to Arche- laus. But it is by no means certain that Photius ever saw the whole work put together, and it is plain that he had never seen or had forgotten the first four books dealing with the philosophers, the mysteries and the charlatans.


Serpens and serviens, p. Nor is it easy to dissociate from Hippolytus the really eloquent appeal to men of all nations to escape the terrors of Tartarus and gain an immortality of bliss by becoming converted to the Doctrine of Truth with which the Book ends, after an excursion into Hebrew Chronology, a subject which always had great fascination for Hippolytus.

But they pass their life naked, affirming that the body has been constituted a covering to the soul by the Deity. And, he says, no one is aware of this placesave we alone that have been born again, spiritual, not carnal, whose citizenship is in heaven above.

For the entire of the power belonging unto herself, Edem conferred kf Elohim as a sort of nuptial dowry. There are said to be some other fragments of Coptic MSS. He was then an impostor and knave, and in process of time hurried away many with him. Something is probably omitted here. But as time wore on, as happens to take place in such cases, brethren repaired to Carpophorus, and entreated him that he would release the fugitive serf from punishment, on the plea of their alleging that Callistus acknowledged himself to have money lying to his credit with certain persons.

Now they affirm that there will be both a judgment and a conflagration of the universe, and that the wicked will be eternally punished. For the concourse of the powers ensues, just like any mark of a seal that is impressed by means of the concourse correspondingly with the seal which prints the figure on the substances that are brought up into contact with it.

But he also asserts that this fire is endued with intelligence, and a cause of the management of the Universe, and he denominates it craving and satiety. We must, therefore, agree with M. When, at the expiration of this period, one affords proof of self-control, he approaches nearer to the sect’s method of living, and he is washed more purely than before.

And they lead these adopted children into an observance of their own peculiar customs, and in this way bring them up and impel them to learn the sciences.

This, however, is not the case with our text, and only one distinctly Byzantine phrase has 1 Hippolytus’ denial of the Pauline authorship of the Epistle to the Ilehrews probably appeared in some work other than our text. These, however, are not anything else than what by her of the seven dresses and sable robe was sought and snatched away, namely, the pudendum of Osiris.

Eugene de Faye, the latest writer on the point, that the theory of Salmon and Stahelin goes a long way beyond the facts. But, in truth, the followers of Justinus ought to imitate the example of his Hercules, and to cleanse, as the saying is, the cattle-shed of Augias, or rather I should say, a ditch, into which, as soon as the adherents of this heresiarch have fallen, they can never be cleansed; nay, they will not be able even to raise their heads.


Now, if the latter does not wish to comply with this request, an Essene spares not, but even slaughters. The phrase is used frequently hereafter, particularly in Book X. But he speaks like Leucippus about elements, to wit, fulness and void, saying that the full is that which is but the void that which is not, and he said this because things are ever moving in the void. What was the recent arrival at Rome of the strange spirit Elchasai, and that there served as a concealment of his peculiar errors his apparent adhesion to the law, when in point of fact he devotes himself to the tenets of the Gnostics, or even of the astrologists, and to the arts of sorcery.

And so it is that they despise death, rejoicing when they can finish their course with a good conscience. And so it was that Callistus succeeded in inducing Zephyrinus to create continually disturbances among the brethren, while he himself took care subsequently, by knavish words, to attach both factions in good-will to himself.

And they maintain that all those stars together which are beheld in the firmament have been causes of the generation of this world. For this reason it is impossible to establish the horo- scope from the conception ; nor can it be done from the bringing forth. Jacobi in a German theological journal was the first to declare that it must have been written by Hippolytus, a contemporary of Callistus, 2 and this proved to be like the letting out of waters. For he held that there was a certain dwelling-place of God outside the cosmos called the metacosmia, and that He took His pleasure and rested in supreme delight j and that p.

Refutation of All Heresies

And that some ordered worlds are bare of animals and plants and of all water. It catalogues both pagan beliefs and 33 gnostic Christian systems deemed hereticalmaking it a major source of information on contemporary opponents of Catholic orthodoxy.

And because of their great distance, the stars give out no heat. The superiority of their ritualism it is easy for those who wish it to ascertain, provided they read the book which furnishes information on these points.

Hippolytjs in the Catholic Encyclopedia, s.

But none other will refute these things than the Holy Spirit handed down in the Church which the Apostles having first received did distribute to those who rightly believed. And they honour the legislator next after God; and if any one is guilty of blasphemy against this framer of laws, he is punished.

Some virtues, therefore, he says, are extremes in regard of intrinsic worth, but in regard of their essential nature means, for nothing is more estimable than virtue.

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