Description: A medium-sized, alien tree. Trunk is straight, crown wide, round, and typically reaching near the ground. Leaves are twice compound — divided into. H Jacaranda caucana Pittier is an accepted name. This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Jacaranda (family Bignoniaceae). The record. Botanical name: Jacaranda caucana (Bignoniaceae) THE CHARMING BEAUTY OF THE JUNGLE When you come across a fragrant blue cloud on a jungle path.

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The overall leaf is thus fern-like. Leaves are twice compound — divided into leaflets, each of which is divided again into ‘subleaflets’. Flowers are large and deep purple, produced when trees are leafless during the dry season. Leaflets are tiny and pointed.

Tree Atlas of Panama. The numerous varieties of Jacaranda come from Tropical America but have deservedly spread all over the world because of their beauty.

Jacaranda caucana ยท

Hot Jacaranda leaf baths treat wounds and skin infections and the tree also helps in the treatment of acne. Lovely Jacaranda can grow 20 m 65 ft tall and achieve an 50 cm 1. Seldom seen in forest or even at forest edge, although two of our forest plots at Cocoli across from Panama City have Jacaranda caucana. LK2 The latter has somewhat larger leaflets, though, and is not seen in jacarwnda often at the forest edge, though.


Planted for the showy purple flowers. A medium-sized, alien tree. Hypnotizing bluish-purple, trumpet-like flowers create the magical image of the tree. The leaves are opposite, leaflets are opposite, and subleaflets are opposite.

Jacaranda caucana

Jacaranda is a relative to the flower tree family of csucana other jungle maidens- the Guayacan and the Rosy trumpet tree. There are a number of legumes with doubly compound leaves that grow in towns, native and alien, but all have alternate leaves.

When ready, the seeds diverge into the air like thousands of tiny angels, dancing in the wind. Tree Atlas of Panama Description: The tree is used to treat hepatitis and in folk tradition the flowers, leaves and bark are used to ease neuralgia and varicose veins. Jacaranda -A fragrant blue cloud- Item Jacaranda. It is scientifically proven that Jacaranda has qualities acucana treat leukemia.

Con pares de pinnas. The fine, fern-like doubly-compound leaves, combined with opposite leaves meaning each whole leaf structure is opposite another leaf structuredistinguish this species from all others except the native LK jac1co Jacaranda copaia. Trunk is straight, crown wide, round, and typically reaching near the ground. Click to Display 3 Total Images. Log In New Account Sitemap.


The fruits are flat, green and oval with a length of cm inchturning dark brown when ripe. The Character of the Gift Botanical name: Flores campanuladas y de color azul. Stories from the Forest of Thoughts. Florece y fructifica de febrero a octubre.

Hojas bipinnadas y opuestas. The fruits contain flat seeds with fragile wings. Copa redondeada y con follaje disperso.

Jacaranda is not grown because of its wood, but it is used to make furniture and ornaments. Tronco ramificado a baja altura, a veces ligeramente acanalado.

Jacaranda caucana Pittier

The touching, stunning, blue and purple flower crown against the jungle green is a wonderful experience for the eyes and mind. Fruits are woody capsules.

The wood of Jacaranda is light-colored and easy to work with. Generally found only in yards, widely planted, especially numerous in Gamboa.

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