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  • Blackstone Audio 9781504734417 Hunger - A Memoir of My Body Audio Book
  • Overcome Insecurity Self Hypnosis CD / MP3 and APP (3 IN 1 PURCHASE!) - Become More Confident and Self Assured with the Power of Hypnotherapy, Improve Your Relationships and Be Happier Every Day
    HYPNOSIS CHANGES LIVES Science has proven that hypnosis can help people change the way they think and feel for the better. It's even endorsed by the British and American Medical Associations BECOME CONFIDENT & SECURE IN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS Your insecurities can't just be thought away, but hypnosis can eliminate them from your subconscious mind for good SIT BACK, RELAX & GAIN CONFIDENCE With just 30-minute daily sessions, hypnotherapy can radically transform your life. All that you do is rest while you listen and reap the benefits A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR BUSY SCHEDULES No need to schedule an appointment with a hypnotherapist! Just choose the day or night track to fit hypnosis into your daily life PROVEN TO WORK Thousands have overcome their insecurities using this exact same program, and now you can put it to work to change your life
  • The Essence of Expression: Yoga Experience with Tyrone Beverly Includes (1 DVD &1 CD)
    Format: Color, DVD, Number of discs: 2 Language: English Run Time: 56 minutes Rated: Not Rated
  • Music for the Mind: Reading & Writing
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  • Play Better Golf: Confidence & Focus Self Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy CD
    Golf Better golf Play better golf Subconscious Reprogramming Sports hypnosis golf
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  • Essential Sun Collection ( 2 CD Set )
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  • Meditations & Music for Sound Healing: A Leading Oncologist Expl
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  • MoneyLine Personal Finance Software for Money Management, Budgeting and Tracking [Download]
    Personal finance software for tracking your money, bank accounts, spending and investments in one place Monitor bank account balances and categorize purchase transactions. Easy budgeting tools for creating and following a budget Track investments such as stocks, mutual funds and more Schedule recurring transactions like paychecks and mortgage payments
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  • SOUND FORGE Audio Studio — Version 13— audio editing, recording, restoration and mastering in one. [PC Download]
    The all-in-one audio editor: everything you need to record, edit, restore and master audio NEW! Event tool for flexible and dynamic audio editing NEW! Customizable user interface with 4 selectable shade settings NEW! Editing for files with up to 6 channels Professional audio editing effects
  • Positive Mental Attitude Self Hypnosis CD / MP3 and APP (3 IN 1 PURCHASE!) - Hypnotherapy CD to Overcome Automatic Negative Thoughts and for a More Optimistic State of Mind
    SELF HYPNOSIS CDS ARE A GREAT TOOL Studies have validated the belief that hypnotherapy has the power to change ways of thinking, and it's endorsed by the British and American Medical Associations OVERCOME NEGATIVITY ONCE AND FOR ALL Mark's Hypnotherapy CDs can replace those negative thoughts with positive, uplifting ones, putting you in a better mindset to succeed and enjoy life EASY TO USE You don't have to read self-help books to become a more positive thinker; Hypnosis produces results while you simply relax and listen to a recording DAY & NIGHT TRACKS With two sessions on one CD, you can easily incorporate hypnosis into your daily routine to stop automatic negative thoughts A PROGRAM THAT WORKS Thousands of people have already become more positive thinkers with the help of this hypnotherapy program