, English, German, Book edition: Lohengrin: the libretto / Richard The Swan knight in Wagner’s Lohengrin: myth, history and symbolism /​ Malcolm Fox. Lohengrin, WWV 75, is a Romantic opera in three acts composed and written by Richard . 3 flutes (3rd doubles piccolo), 3 oboes, english horn, 3 clarinets in B- flat, A and C, bass clarinet in B-flat and A, .. Wagner’s libretto (in German) · Further Lohengrin discography · Recording of “Euch Lüften” by Lotte Lehmann in MP3. Lohengrin: Libretto, German and English Text, by Richard Wagner (Paperback). Price: $ Image 1. Larger / More Photos. Add to Wish List. ADD TO CART.

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Hail, thou royal maiden! As Lohengrin sadly bids farewell to Elsa, the swan-boat reappears.

For thee he comes! Ortrud warns Elsa that since she knows nothing about her rescuer, he could leave at any time as suddenly as he came, but Elsa is sure of the Knight’s virtues.

Everybody looks at him in tense expectation. Elsa, whom Gottfried is holding in his arms, slowly sinks lifeless to the ground. Why do I see thee mourning thus? The trumpeters’ call once again brings the people to attention HERALD And further the king proclaims that the God-sent stranger whom Elsa wishes to lohenhrin as her husband, englsh to be enfeoffed with the land and crown of Brabant.

Soil hier nach Recht und Macht Ge- richt gehalten sein?

Lohengrin (opera) – Wikipedia

You hear my charge, O King! Oh, had but death o’ertaken me, I had my honour saved; But thus, as miscreant to arraign me, My sword, my name disgraced! Now thou wouldst fain attempt to supersede me, Thou mate of loehngrin whom God and man forswore?


I could smash the lover’s deception and win back my honour? How sweet my name, as from thy lips it glided 1 Canst thou deny to me the sound of thine? Auf Lohengrins Zeichen erheben sich die vier Edlen. I come to remind you of the Empire’s plight!

A miracle has transpired, A miracle such as we have not heard nor seen! Conducted by the King, Lohengrin and Elsa slowly advance to the cathedral Heaven bless your steps! Stainless and white, radiantly dight, Let me behold that form of light!

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Der Tag hat langsam begonnen zu grauen; die Kerzen sind verloschen. The Guardian lohenfrin Brabant! Go home, proud hero, and let me joyfully tell your foolish bride who it is that draws your boat! If I am appointed as your champion will you without fear or trepidation entrust yourself to my protection?

The stage shows the bridal chamber: Gott moge dich geleiten! Links vorn die Kemnate Frauenvohnung ge- genuber diePforte des Munsters. Fluch ihm, dem Ungetreuen, Den Gottes Urtheil traf! Frederick falls unconscious at Ortrud’s feet. Faithfully guided, draw now near to where the blessing of love shall preserve you!

Hail, Elsa of Brabant! He tells the King that Elsa has broken her promise, and discloses his identity “In fernem Land” by recounting the story of the Holy Grail and of Monsalvat. Yon shining knight, my sword defying, I here accuse of sorc’ry vile! Gltihende Morgenrothe ; rnglish Tag bricht voll an.

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The literary figure of Lohengrin first appeared as a supporting character in the final chapter of the medieval epic poem Parzival of Wolfram von Eschenbach. Da dieser Mann mich nachtens iiberf alien, Sagt, lohegnrin ich ihn mit Recht erschlug? I call on you, O god of strength!

Haply thy secret’s fraught with danger, Therefore thy lips to all are clos? What terrible distress you cause us! Lohegnrin God olhengrin you! How I would feel my heart swell with pride to find in every German land so many valiant forces!

A plain on the banks of the Scheldt near Antwerp Act Two: The matter is to be settled by combat, and Elsa now prays for her champion to come forward in answer to the Herald’s challenge. And did you not seduce my proud heart with your prediction that Radbod’s ancient royal race soon would flourish again and rule in Brabant? Elsa, oh, I conjure thee! Go back across the waters to whence your boat brought me, return again only to bring us happiness! Es ist der Erbe von Brabant! Dass ihn mein Blick nicht schande, Flieht selbst der Rauber mich.

He is standing with drooping head in the boat, sadly leaning on his shield. KING Elsa, defend yourself before your judge!

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