That is what Field Marshal von Manstein suggests in his title, Lost Victories. By the summer of , after defeating France, Hitler’s Germany was master of. Lost Victories has ratings and 48 reviews. Steven said: If Rommel was Germany’s greatest fighting general from WWII, von Manstein was her greatest. Lost Victories by Erich Manstein, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Manstein disparaged other German generals, portraying them as incompetent.

Lost Victories : The War Memoirs of Hilter’s Most Brilliant General

The Memoirs of Field-Marshal Kesselring. His account is detailed, yet dispassionate and objective.

I got a little bored. But despite Von Manstein’s words that he emphasized all these things and emotions to Hitler, you never feel them victorirs you have the definite sense that Hitler never felt them either. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

Lost Victories : Erich Manstein :

He became one of the most prominent commanders of Nazi Germany’s armed forces Wehrmacht. We have Von Manstein’s word that tell us these things but we have no feeling of them, there is no metaphorical punch in the gut.

Although claiming ignorance of the Holocaust, von Manstein nevertheless had shown disregard for the plight the of Jews, equating them with partisans and advocating harsh measures against both.

Fascinating insight from a man who was there when it happened, that said a lot of Manstein’s words involve plenty of blame shifting for Germany’s fortunes during the war – mistakes made by the OKW such as the infamous Halt Order at Dunkirk were often wrongly manstdin to Hitler it was in fact Army Group A commander Gerd von Rundstedt who pushed for the halt, with Hitler merely validating the order many hours later.

Unlike the last set of books I just read written by David Glantz this book is very approachable for the person who has an interest in this area of history and wants a taste of what it was like from the viewpoint of a German general. You have to have a basic understanding of Easter European geography to appreciate the details of each campaign. That is the only reason I don’t give five gictories. Also, as the Russians advanced they’d put all the people they “liberated” to work.


The Sling and the Stone T. Manstein was a brillant commander.

Erich von Manstein – Wikiquote

Apr 18, Sumit Pokhrel rated it it was amazing. Lo que nos cuenta. As a result of the foolish attempt victiries take the major city of Stalingrad and drive into the Caucasus to take the oil fields there, the Germans in the south were badly overextended, and forced to rely on the sub-standard armies of their allies the Italians, Rumanians, and Hungarians.

Manstein makes little to zero note on the evils of the Nazi regime, keeping the writing strictly to military decisions at the operational level.

Every once in a while discussions become heated but overall everything is very sanitized and stiff upper lip. But I got bogged down on the rest of the book. Manstein seemed to ignore the terrible and inhuman things the German army was responsible for on the Eastern Front. His memoires describe in detail the strategic and tactical considerations, blows and counterblows which included victories and retreats until his relief in April of In addition to the descriptions of the event with an emphasize that might be different from typical history book, the author also add in many insight and comment about the challenges and opportunities of the situation he was facing and how and why they were developed as such.

While this incident certainly provides a logical and convenient stopping point, one certainly would have appreciated his thoughts on the final year of the war, even lpst he was no longer actively in command. This memoir and Panzer Battles are highly informative, well olst and highly biased accounts of the grim Eastern Front campaigns.

In he was tried in Hamburg for war crimes and was convicted of victoris to protect civilian lives” and using scorched earth tactics which denied vital food supplies to the local population.

The second issue is how the relationship between Hitler and Von Manstein and by extension that between Hitler and the German generals is presented. But as a military look at what occurred this is a valuable book. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.


Now in this particular case I know that Manstein glosses over the atrocities committed by German soldiers and he makes no mention of the Holocaust as did all the biographies written by any of the German generals. Throughout the book he takes swipes and Goring and Koch but never faces the issue of German mistreatment head-on. There is poignancy in his depiction of German troops and tanks fighting far superior Soviet armies to mannstein standstill, before they would have to, ultimately, retreat before overpowering odds.

This perception that Manstein was covering for himself in this memoir are strengthened by the fact that this edition is a heavily edited version of the original, with many personal anecdotes excised, and the entire chapter on Operation Citadel Kursk has been replaced entirely with an article Manstein wrote for the Marine Corps Gazettewhich I found wholly disappointing. The only thing that impedes a maximal mark is the technical part of the book, which makes it rather difficult for the usual reader.

At best, he tries to justify the brutality of treatment towards some people by saying the Soviet were equally brutal I would read it in spite of all this, because even though he may say what is to be expected it I am about half way through this book.

The lesson is, a dictator, will more likely to listen to whoever he considers royal to him always saying yesnot whoever has the best ideas, especially when the time i 3 of 3 books this month on 3 most famous Germany’s generals in WWII. Von Manstein maintains where rear area administration was in the hands of the German Army there was not partisan activity.