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  • Blackstone Audio 9781504734417 Hunger - A Memoir of My Body Audio Book
  • Bookbinding Video - Vol. 1: Book Restoration for Beginners, Chrisman
  • EZSound Box - Front Play Button for Personal Messages, Favorite Tunes, Stuffed Toys, Science Projects, Hobbies, Craft Projects, Talking Displays, etc - 200 seconds - Rerecordable thru Audio Port
    Ideal for adding sound effect to plush toys, stuffed animals, interactive school projects, photo frames, personalized gifts, kid activities, paints, hobbies, craft projects, model trains, etc Recording is done thru 3.5mm audio port (headphone jack) of your device. EZSound Box will record & play back anything playing in your device. EZSound Box can be recorded from videos, sound files (any format), voice recordings, phone messages, websites, etc Works with Mac, PC, Iphone, Ipad, Tablet, Android, MP3 player, etc. No software required Re-recordable up to 200 seconds. Re-record as many times as you wish. No limitations
  • Bullets on Broadway Murder Mystery Party Game for 3-20 Players | Play In-Person or Virtually | Broadway-Themed Game Fun for Ages 13+ | USB Loaded with Printable Game Files | Play Multiple Times
    FLEXIBLE GAME: Play with any combination of the 20 included characters and the host can play too! Play with 4-20 people either virtually or in person! MULTI-PLAY: The murderer is secretly chosen at the start of each game and could be anyone. Great for playing multiple times with a new killer each time! Never get bored of playing! BROADWAY TALENT: Created and Written by Broadway Talent and the detective role is voiced by Broadway Actress Betsy Struxness (Hamilton Original Cast)! Great gift for Broadway fans! THREE ROUNDS OF EVIDENCE: Play three rounds and reveal clues and information about each character. Suspects have innocent and guilty stories to make the mystery exciting and give players more clues to catch the killer! DOWNLOADABLE FILES: Receive all your game files on a USB drive to print at home and play multiple times! Includes everything you need to print, plan, and play your Broadway-themed murder mystery game night (host guides, character booklets, question menu, evidence videos, invitations, awards, Broadway playlist, and more)!
    24.99 $
  • Jot & Mark Library Book Card and Pocket Holder Kit | For Organizing Lending Catalogs, Libraries, and Checkouts, Set of 100 each
    CLASSIC SOLUTION | A set of library checkout cards and pockets is a time-tested, universally-understood method to organize church libraries, school libraries, and private collections at home or in the office. SELF ADHESIVE POCKETS | Organizing your media is easy, because no glue or tape is required. Each pocket has enough peel-and-stick adhesive to bond gently but firmly to your books, DVDs, CDs, or periodicals. DURABLE AND ROBUST | The pockets measure 4 1/2" tall x 3 1/2" wide, and are strong enough to withstand years of use. Each card has spaces to allow for dozens of checkouts and returns. DUAL SIDED | The cards have entry space for author, title, date due, and borrower's name. You won't need to replace cards often. EASILY EXPANDABLE | Each kit contains 100 book cards and 100 book pockets. It's an easy way to track, share, and protect a growing collection at your lending library. Take the stress out of allowing people to borrow your priceless materials.
    19.99 $
  • SOUND FORGE Audio Studio — Version 13— audio editing, recording, restoration and mastering in one. [PC Download]
    The all-in-one audio editor: everything you need to record, edit, restore and master audio NEW! Event tool for flexible and dynamic audio editing NEW! Customizable user interface with 4 selectable shade settings NEW! Editing for files with up to 6 channels Professional audio editing effects
    29.99 $ 59.99 $ -50%
  • Teacher - an Educational, Multi-Tasking, Rockstar who Lives to Inspire The Next Generation. They're a Big Deal. (Maroon, Medium)
    Teacher - An educational, multi-tasking, rockstar who lives to inspire the next generation. They're a big deal. Teacher shirt for back to school Teacher Gift 100% Soft cotton (fibre content may vary for different colors) Runs smaller than usual
    24.00 $
  • Operation ResCute: The Story of Jingles Book & Stuffed Animal (100% of Profits Go to Charity)
    22.95 $
  • MAGIX Sound Forge Audio Studio 13 Student and Teacher Edition - Audio Editing, Recording, Restoration and Mastering
    Student & Teacher Edition is for sale to currently enrolled students, teachers and staff members at K-12 Schools, Community Colleges and Universities. Non-Profit organizations and churches also qualify. The all-in-one audio editor: everything you need to record, edit, restore and master audio New compact and clear user interface with four customizable shade settings Dark, Medium, Light and White – for an efficient workflow and fast results. New Event Editing tool for professional, versatile and dynamic editing of audio files Includes iZotope Ozone 8 Elements for quick, user-friendly mastering Edit 5.1 Surround files: Editing for files with up to 6 channels
  • Now in Books: Books & Music Young Adult Subscription Box
    A gift-wrapped copy of a newly released young adult novel. We feature novels that display strong female leads, diverse characters, and current social issues. A fully immersive playlist, specially curated to fit the mood of our featured novel. Search song titles on your own or use the provided QR code to access each novel's dedicated Spotify playlist. Our "Like This? Read This..." list of recommended reads and Streaming Guide for movies, and TV shows you can find on Netflix, Disney+ and other streaming services. 5-10 thought-provoking discussion questions that help you delve deeper into the story, characters, and theme or the perfect starter to hosting your own book club discussion. A fun DIY activity inspired by scenes from the story like recipes, beauty products, puzzles, and more!